Steve Jobs 2011 Emails Reveal Apple Strategy


The disclosure of the “Top 100” email conversation between Steve Jobs and his top executives shows the agenda, vision Apple had for 2011 and the future plans for his products and services. The mail was produced to convince the court that Apple was in competition with Google, and not Samsung and hence it should not be held liable for patent violations. Read More

jOBS Movie Gets Second Trailer

jOBS, the movie which is generating mixed reviews from the press has now got another trailer for the public. The movie which will be released on August 16th is a biopic of the legendary Steve Jobs. The new trailer is definitely more enticing than the earlier ones. Take a look at it.

Ashton Kutcher Talks More About His Role As Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher does a lot of work and investing in the technology sector. He recently opened up on his role as Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie “jOBS” set to be released on August 16th on an interview with Jay Leno and later with The Verge. Ashton had an opportunity to meet Steve Jobs, but never took full advantage of the opportunity and never met Steve Jobs. Read More

Steve Jobs To Be Awarded 2013 Legends Award By Disney

stevesketchDisney today announced that it will honor Steve with a Disney Legends Award at this year’s D23 Expo on Saturday in California.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said -

“The Disney Legend Award is our highest and most coveted honor. It’s reserved for the extraordinary visionaries and artists behind the Disney magic, the men and women who push the limits of innovation and creativity to ensure Disney remains truly special. The eight Legends we honor this year helped create some of our most beloved characters along with exciting new worlds and thrilling attractions. They also entertained millions of people and expanded our definition of what’s possible. They are all indelible parts of our legacy, and we are proud to recognize them as true Disney Legends.”

Read More

Chinese Version of Steve Jobs – Huge Knockoff


When we talk of Chinese knockoffs, one can always expect them to come up with their own version of any popular brand, everything from rubber sandals to electronics and more. Cheap copies of the iPhone have been made in China in huge volumes and we find that normal but it is weird that even Steve Jobs is being copied. According to New York Times, China has come up with a Chinese version of Steve Jobs. Read More