Tim Cook Discusses Privacy, Diversity And Apple’s Philosophy

In the second part of a two part–interview of Apple CEO Tim Cook by Charlie Rose, Cook spoke about Apple, its values and privacy. Cook talks about Apple’s policy regarding the privacy of user data; he understands the fact that people “have a right to privacy.” According to him, Apple just picks up a very small set of data from users and almost all of it is encrypted. Read More

Judge Rejects $324 Million Settlement In Apple, Google Anti-Poaching Lawsuit


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An anti-trust lawsuit was filed in 2011 by tech workers of Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe accusing the four Silicon Valley giants of conspiring to avoid hiring each others workers. Earlier this year the settlement for the lawsuit was agreed at $324 Million, which now has been rejected by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh. Read More

Bill Campbell Shares Thoughts As He Steps Down From Apple Board


After spending 17 years with Apple, Bill Campbell has stepped down from the board of directors. Campbell will be replaced by BlackRock co-founder Sue Wagner. In an exclusive interview with Fortune, the one-time Apple executive Bill Campbell shared the interesting insights of the years he spent at Apple. He was recruited as the head of marketing in 1983 by John Sculley. Read More

Employees At Apple Avoided Lunch With Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

David Black, an ex-employee of Apple, in discussion with Business Insider talked about why Steve Jobs used to eat his lunch alone. Apple is Apple today because of Steve Jobs’s high standards and his interest in product design and development. According to Black, who worked with Apple for 12 years, Steve Jobs used to be very motivating and wanted his employees to be ready at all times. This meant being ready to answer Steve on what they were working on whenever they were with him. To avoid this meeting with Steve, employees used to finish their lunches within 15-20 minutes of Jobs entering the patio for lunch. Read More

Samsung Saw Steve Jobs’ Death As The Best Opportunity To Attack iPhone


The emails and documents which are being used as evidence in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung have brought forward some very secret and bizarre facts. One such email from Samsung obtained by Apple Insider lets out a very interesting move by Samsung. According to this email of Oct 2011, Samsung feared Steve Jobs death could take the attention away from its new launch Galaxy S II as people perceived Jobs as visionary and perfectionist and this would prove to be an unintended benefit for Apple. So instead going after Apple publicly they tried to use this as an opportunity by launching an Anti-iPhone marketing campaign. Read More

Steve Jobs 2011 Emails Reveal Apple Strategy


The disclosure of the “Top 100” email conversation between Steve Jobs and his top executives shows the agenda, vision Apple had for 2011 and the future plans for his products and services. The mail was produced to convince the court that Apple was in competition with Google, and not Samsung and hence it should not be held liable for patent violations. Read More

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jOBS Movie Gets Second Trailer

jOBS, the movie which is generating mixed reviews from the press has now got another trailer for the public. The movie which will be released on August 16th is a biopic of the legendary Steve Jobs. The new trailer is definitely more enticing than the earlier ones. Take a look at it.