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Steve Jobs Thought He Won’t Be Remembered In History

Apple’s legendary and charismatic founder – Steve Jobs thought he would be forgotten by history. In a 1994 interview with the Silicon Valley Historical Association, Steve Jobs revealed how the computer industry is not like paintings things that go up in history and that eventually how he thought that his work would become obsolete. Read More

Chinese Version of Steve Jobs – Huge Knockoff


When we talk of Chinese knockoffs, one can always expect them to come up with their own version of any popular brand, everything from rubber sandals to electronics and more. Cheap copies of the iPhone have been made in China in huge volumes and we find that normal but it is weird that even Steve Jobs is being copied. According to New York Times, China has come up with a Chinese version of Steve Jobs. Read More

Tim Cook Avoids Question On Steve Jobs

tim cook

Tim Cook recently avoided an awkward question on Steve Jobs. The reported asked if we would see a hologram of Steve Jobs anytime soon at upcoming Apple events to which Tim Cook simply said “I can’t comment on that.” Read More

Steve Jobs High School GPA – 2.65

stevehighschoolIn life, nothing is certain. There are some kids with high grades in school that we expect a lot from but grow up to live mediocre lives, and there are those who we think won’t go far but end up becoming game changers. The late Steve Jobs is an example, we all know he was a college dropout when he started working with Atari. A miniaturization competition project paired him with Steve Wozniak and from there they eventually started a company that was to become the giant industry shaker known as Apple Inc. Read More

Glassdoor Ratings Show Employees Love Tim Cook

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

Despite past rumors of the removal of Tim Cook from being the Apple CEO and Rocco Pendola calling his hiring ‘Steve Job’s worst decision’, in a recent compilation of survey ratings by Glassdoor, employees gave their CEO Tim Cook a collective 94% rating for being a good leader. Glassdoor is a site where employees from different companies can anonymously rate and post reviews of their companies and the management. Read More

MobileMe Failed Because of Steve Jobs

MobileMe Steve JobsMobileMe is considered as one of Apple’s biggest failures. It was intended to be a cloud based service that would help keep all Apple devices in sync, but it did not work out as planned. Apparently, Steve Jobs gathered everyone on the MobileMe team in one room and asked – “Can someone please tell me what MobileMe was supposed to do?” and when someone from the team gave an answer, Steve replied – “Then why the fuck doesn’t it do that!” Read More

Reminder: How Angry Birds Came Into Being

quoraIn an excellent recent thread on Quora titled “Which startups have the best stories?”, the incredible story of Angry Birds came up and we’d like to remind all of our readers about it again. It’s really remarkable as Steve Jobs pointed out that the only thing that separates the good entrepreneurs from the not so good entrepreneurs in the eyes of society is pure perseverance. Read More

Email Exchange Between Steve Jobs and James Murdoch

steve jobs mailThe email exchange between Steve Jobs and James Murdoch has been revealed in which the leaders of their respective companies discuss about ebook pricing. We’ve seen Steve send a lot of emails to customers, but this is all official and highly confidential (not anymore). Read More

Meet The Person Who Received The Steve Jobs Prank Call To Starbucks

Back in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone, Steve Jobs made a call to Starbucks. It was prank call and when the person received the call, Steve ordered 4,000 lattes to go. And then said “Just kidding! Wrong number. Bye.”. Read More

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs. We love you.

Today is the birthday (February 24, 1955) of Steve Jobs – the man who changed the world. On this joyous occasion, we’d like to share some videos that remind us of him. Here you go – Read More