Rarely Found Apple VideoPad Prototype Scrapped By Steve Jobs Up For Auction


The Apple VideoPad 2 prototype which had been lost long ago, is all set to go for an auction in November as a part of History of Science and Technology auction by Bonhams which is an international auction house situated in Los Angeles. The rare VideoPad will be set to auction among the other Apple prototypes and Steve Jobs memorabilia. The VideoPad is estimated to sell between $8,000 and $12,000. 

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Apple Pays A Tribute To Steve Jobs On His 10th Death Anniversary

Ex CEO of Apple Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011. That was just a few months after he stepped down as the CEO of apple. To offer a tribute to him on his 10th death anniversary Apple designed a special homepage on apple.com. The specially designed homepage contains pictures of his time at Apple and a video showing a journey of his life which includes the launch of the iPod and the iPhone for the very first time.

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With Steve Jobs Gone, Apple Events Are Boring AF. Apple Has No Innovation Left

Look at today’s Apple Event where Apple launched a new iPad, a new Apple Watch, a new iPhone and yeah yeah. One word…..BORING. Apple Events used to be as if Jesus was going to come down and bless the entire kingdom. Now look at Apple Events – same thing every single time. Every once a year, they announce new products which are literally the SAME. Totally the same from last year. Just better performance, better graphics, better screen, more durable and guess what? BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. WHO CARES?

When Steve Jobs used to make product announcements, even new OS updates used to have such big major feature inclusions. Now literally every single product event is the same. It’s so boring, I don’t even feel like watching them.

C’mon Apple, we’re tired of the same old thing. Get us a new Apple Car, start a bank, build a rocket. DO SOMETHING. We’re tired of new iPhones.

Steve, we miss you!

“Efforce”, Steve Wozniak Launches New Venture 45 Years After Co Founding Apple With Steve Jobs

After more than four decades, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder introduced the launch of its new company named as “Efforce.” It focuses on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to make it affordable and much simpler for companies to finance environmentally sound projects. A lesser-known fact to most people would be, in 1976, Apple was co-founded in Steve Job’s garage along with Wozniak. Read More

Back In Time: iPod Touch Intro By Steve Jobs – A Testament To How Far Apple Has Come

Apple reported stunning quarterly results on July 30th, 20′ which shot the stock price up by 10%. There is no doubt that the company that Steve Jobs started in his garage has today changed the world. The most incredible highlight of the revenue report was that now “Services” which is recurring revenue for the company accounts for a large portion of Apple’s revenues. Read More

Apple’s iPhone Completes 10 Years Of Accomplishment


It was on January 9, 2007, that the late Apple founder and chief executive Steve Jobs went on stage at the company’s Macworld event to reveal a single device that was an amalgamation of an iPod, a phone and an internet communicator, which turned out to be the best selling phone that year and ever since, Apple managed to sell one billion iPhones around the world eventually became one of the wealthiest companies. Read More