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Colorbay for iOS – All Your Photos In One Place

colorbaySo, you have your photos uploaded across numerous websites and viewing each site one by one is just too much work? Colorbay, developed by MetaRain, allows you to easily and quickly find photos across many different photo hosting sites with just a single tap. Read More

Tim Cook Vs Jony Ive – Jony Ive More Popular At WWDC

socialmediaAccording to recent social media data by ViralHeat, Jony Ive is more popular than Tim Cook when compared to social media channels. Even though Jony Ive never took the stage at the conference, his name popped up almost in every Apple conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Sir Jony Ive had 28,377 mentions across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, while Tim cook was mentioned 20,919 times. Read More

Build your Moonbase and Destroy Enemies in Moonbase for iOS

In Moonbase for iOS, you have to build a very strong base on moon in order to defeat your enemies. The free game on the App Store has got a lot of potential as you need to build up your team, partner with your alliances, defeat enemies, build strategies and compete with players to defeat enemies and claim victory. Read More

Sony Announces Socially Connected Xperia Miro

Xperia MiroAs you may know, Sony had a countdown timer on their site, and when it reached zero, they were supposed to announce something new. But, like us, Sony couldn’t hold onto it much longer, and made the countdown timer tick to zero, about a week before it should have, and what they announced, isn’t something which you might consider really special. Read More

Google Changes Privacy Terms. Can Now Combine Every Piece of Data About You To Create One Profile

privacyGoogle today changed its privacy policies and terms and it seems that they are now gearing up against Twitter, Facebook and Apple for delivering the most relevant information. The company has now combined over seventy different policies into one that mentions that Google now has the ability to combine any information it has about you into one single profile to help you get more relevant results. Read More

Google+ Gets Games

gamesWe knew that this was coming, but today Google has confirmed that social gaming is now a part of the Google+ social project. Google wants to make playing games just as fun and entertaining as in real life, and the games on Google+ unlike Facebook give you complete control. Read More

Google Shuts Down Realtime, Will Incorporate Realtime Social Searches in Google+

googlerealtimeBack in December 2009, Google launched Google Realtime, a service that displayed trending topics from around the globe on social networking sites. You could search for any topic, and Google would index sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and more to display relevant social information. Read More

Zuckerberg Welcomes Google to the World of Social Networking [HUMOR]

Google Sparks – Discover New Relevant Content [Google+]

Google Sparks helps Google+ users discover new content that spark interest in them. Spark is basically an online content sharing engine that makes it easier to find content that will interest you, and also makes it easier to share interesting articles with circles on Google+. You can choose any topic that sparks interest in you, and the engine will scan the web to deliver a feed of ‘engaging content’ that will be relevant to your topic. Read More

Google Makes it Easier to Upload Photos With Google Instant Upload [Google+]

If you find it hard to always keep photos captured from your mobile device in sync with your computer, Google’s new Instant Upload might help you. Google Instant Upload makes it easy for you to quickly store and share photos from your mobile device with friends and family. By setting permissions to allow Instant Upload, you can upload each and every photo taken from your mobile device to an album privately stored in the cloud as you take them. Read More