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Apple Launches ‘Soccer Fever’ On App Store

Soccer FeverThe 2014 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and to keep the excitement up and alive, Apple has launched a new “Soccer Fever” section on the App Store. Read More

Blo-Ball Soccer Is A Retro and Original Soccer Game for Mac

Blo-Ball Soccer App LogoGames for the Mac come in many different varieties, some sophisticated, and some intended for casual use. Blo-Ball Soccer fits directly into the casual category. The developers at Carbon Iced Ltd have developed their game for optimum use on short coffee breaks and lunchtimes. Blo-Ball Soccer is a simple game, which allows you to play soccer against an automated player generated by your computer. With Blo-Ball Soccer you can have a fun few minutes scoring goals by way of dragging the player you wish to operate in the direction of the ball, whilst competing with the opposition. During gameplay, you will be presented with a clear view of the game you’re playing, what the current score is and a clear differentiation between the two teams. Read More

Google Gets Soccer Fever

google soccer

Google’s recent acquisition, Picnik had put up a page with a set of photo editing themes which made it easy for you to create a picture of your favorite team and show it to the world.

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