Permanent Snap Feature Is Coming To Snapchat Soon

Snapchat has always been about the disappearing Snaps and videos when it launched back in 20111 and became very popular among teenagers around the world. But what if we told you that this feature could be erased soon and users will only be able to post Snaps that are longer in duration or actually permanent? Yes, we are freaked out about it too and nobody is sure as to why would the company take such a big step. Read More

How To Make A Snapchat Group With Your Close Friends

Snapchat has been lately introducing several new features including group chat on both iOS an Android with an effort to improve the declining user base and get more users to participate in different activities. The lenses for dogs and cats have been added and you can also check your 2018 Snaps with a nostalgic “Year End Story” feature. The Group Chat feature is great but it has actually left many users clueless on how to use it. Today, we will guide you how to make a Snapchat Group with your friends. Read More

Snapchat Dog Lenses Launched

Snapchat had recently added new filters and lenses for cats and seems like many cat loving audience on the App took the feature in a good taste. Maybe this is why Snapchat has gone ahead and added Lenses for dogs as well. The company is well aware that several users on this social media platform are proud owner of cats, dogs and other animals and is looking to boost the user base based on it. Read More

Here’s The New ‘Lens Challenges’ On Snapchat, With Loads Of Themes

After releasing several features including the Year End Story feature this week, Snapchat has launched yet another feature called “Lens Challenges”. The challenges are pretty similar to what you play on TikTok or Instagram and you can enjoy the same experience on this social media platform. The challenges makes use of Lenses inside Snapchat’s camera and you can choose from a list of activities to compete with the Snap users around the world. Read More

Snapchat Is Giving A ‘Year End Story’ Recap To Its Users

The most popular recap feature is back and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Snapchat users can once again see a collection of all their Snaps combined in the form of a story which can viewed and shared with their friends as well. Snapchat calls it the ‘Year End Story’ and says it will be a recap of all your interesting memories and moments which you can watch along with your dear ones. Read More

Snapchat Partners With Local Creators For Discover In India

Snapchat has finally launched Discover in India after testing it out in the US and UK with original shows and location based content on the platform. Snapchat says that the Indian users will get to watch content that suits their taste and will be done in partnership with Indian publishers, media houses in the country. With the local content on Discover, the company aims to increase the user base on the App from India. Read More

Snapchat Brings New TV Shows In UK

Snapchat is trying very hard to stay afloat in the market and has introduced 25 new TV serials in the UK. The company has partnered with almost 17 local content producers to bring these shows to the App and they will be aimed for the millennial audience. It is estimated that almost 5 million UK people watch shows on Snapchat, that are created by people in the US. Read More

Snapchat Is Losing More Users Than Ever Before

Snapchat is in a bad shape and this popular global platform is losing a lot of users as announced by CEO Evan Spiegel in the earnings report. He said that a lot of users from Android have started to decline where the daily active user numbers dropped from last quarter by 2 million. The total number of users was at 188 million last year which has now dropped to 186 million users, which certainly looks disastrous for the company. Read More

Snapchat Introduces Filters For Your Cats

Snapchat is trying new things and is trying to re-gain it’s users after the recent backlashed faced for the new design. The company had recently announced the short movies that will be featured on the App called ‘Snap Originals’. Now, they have unveiled new filters, not for the humans but for the pet cats that you may have at home. You can apply these filters to the videos and snaps of your cat as per your liking. Read More

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