Stocks of iPhone 13 Short in Supply Till February 2022

image of iPhone 13 in blue

It is expected that iPhone 13 stocks will remain in short supply until February 2022, according to sources. Apple has been trying to navigate the chip shortage crisis. The production and sale of the new iPhone 13 is expected to be impacted in this crisis. As of now, Apple has only barely been able to meet the market demands for iPhone 13. The situation is expected to stay the same until February 2022.

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Apple Overtakes Xiaomi In Global Smartphone Shipments To Regain #2 Spot

A few months after having lost the second place to Xiaomi when it comes to global smartphone shipments, Apple reclaims the position. While Samsung still enjoys the lead position, with the release of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple reclaims the second place.

According to data reported by International Data Corporation, Apple reclaimed the position after having shipped 50.4 million units in their third quarter, which ran from July to September. Xiaomi, with a total of 44.3 million shipments globally, has come in third on the list.

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Become A Designer Using Nothing But Your Smartphone

Before we dive into the incredible possibilities of modern smartphones, a little disclaimer is a must. Sure, a lot of things can be done with these devices and you can obtain incredible results as an absolute amateur, but those will never be on the same level than when a professional designer creates something. After all, when it comes to design, it’s all about the skills of the artist and not the tools that they use. And smartphones give us a plethora of tools that do all kinds of stuff. However, that doesn’t mean professional designers don’t also use these, meaning that you, as a complete newbie, can hope to get similar results. Read More

Realme Will Launch Smartphone With 64MP Camera

Realme is planning to come out with quad camera setup in its new smartphone and it will also include a 64 MP camera. We have never seen a mobile that has a 64MP camera, the recent one being Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro that comes with a massive 48MP camera. But soon Realme could beat this with the new phone that would be coming by the end of this year. Read More

Is It Possible to Recover Data from a Damaged Smartphone?

Smartphones have made all our lives a lot easier than they used to be, but we carry so much information and data in them that they actually become more valuable with time. Unfortunately, data loss from physical or software damage and even accidental deletions is quite common. However, there are ways to recover data from severely damaged smartphones as well, but everything depends on the kind of damage or data loss we are talking about. Read More

Block Chain Smartphone: Things to Know About This

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies, then the term blockchain is not an alien to you. It is the underlying technology for most of the virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dashcoin among others. In the crypto world, blockchain is the distributed and decentralized ledger, which logs and stores information about all transactions without the need for a central authority like a bank. Since the launch of Bitcoin, industries have realized the potential of blockchain technology across various applications in their niche. Read More