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Skype Launches Skype 5.0: Remastered For iPhone

skypeEarlier this week, Microsoft, in its Skype blog, announced Skype’s new version for iOS. The new version, Skype 5.0, will have a streamlined design with improved performance. As communicated in their blog,  Microsoft has launched the new update “Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone” in the iOS App Store. The new update currently comes for the iPhone; iPad version is still awaited. Read More

Skype Updated For iOS 7 With A Clean And Minimalistic Design

Skype iPhoneAfter a recent update which finally enabled HD video chatting on Skype for iOS, they have now updated the App to version 4.13 for both, the iPhone and iPad, to match the new design scheme and aesthetics of iOS 7, which means a cleaner, flatter, and minimalistic design sense. Read More

Skype iOS App Gets Updated With Bluetooth Support And Ads

skypeToday, Skype announced an update to their iOS App, which adds two new features, Anti-Shake Video technology, and support for Bluetooth, but there is something that you won’t like, it will add advertising to the application, that’s right, ads while using Skype on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Read More

How to – Downgrade to Skype 2.8 on Mac

skype 5.0Skype recently released Skype 5.0 beta for Mac, and users who tested the new version were completely furious about the design changes. The new version of Skype complicated things, and made the most basic features like calling people, so hard. The user interface was a complete disaster, and for those who want to downgrade back to the usable Skype 2.8, get it from here. Read More

Fring Beta Adds Group Video Calling to iOS and Android

fring groupFring, the Skype competitor has come up with a new beta release that brings group video calling to iOS and Android. Fring all new group video calling allows you to engage in video calls with unto four people using your Android or iPhone. Read More

Skype Competitor Fring Introduces FringOut


VoIP calls provider and huge Skype competitor, Fring has introduced a new service called FringOut that allows users of the Fring application to make calls to regular phone numbers worldwide at just 1C/min.

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Two Cameras in iPad 2 and PhotoBooth


Apple recent release, iOS 4.3 for developers is leaking out a lot of information about future iPads. According to a new rumor, the iPad 2 would include two cameras, a rear facing one and a front facing camera. The cameras would support Apps such as FaceTime, a regular Camera App, and PhotoBooth.

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Skype’s iOS App Now Supports Video Calls, Bye FaceTime

new skype video call

Skype has released an update to its iOS application that brings the highly demanded video calling feature. The new Skype App allows users to make video calls using an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or fourth-generation iPod touch. iPad users of course won’t be able to make video calls, but they can surely receive video calls.

Video calls using the new Skype App can be made over WiFi and 3G. “We think it’s really important because it will make it easier for people to share moments,” said Rick Osterloh, vice president of products for Skype.

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Skype Now Available for all Android Devices

skype android

Skype has just announced that its Internet Calling software is now available for all Android devices. The App is now open and available on the Android Market for Android devices running Android 2.1 and above.

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