A Guide to Increasing Your Smartphone’s Cyber Security

Many smartphone users don’t give their device security a second thought when browsing the internet or using an app. However, there are various threats that could pose a risk to your hardware security, data, and applications.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your device from a variety of cybersecurity risks, which can prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. Read this helpful guide to increasing your smartphone’s cybersecurity so you can rest assured that whenever you browse online via your phone, you’re protected. Read More

Apple To Activate Two-Step Verification For Third-Party Apps For iCloud Security

Two-Step Verification

For third-party Apps that access iCloud, Apple is offering App-specific passwords that would allow users to generate unique one-time passwords to sign into iCloud securely. This will be applicable from October 1 and will help in two-step verification process.

If you use iCloud with any third party apps, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or BusyCal, you can generate app-specific passwords that allow you to sign in securely, even if the app you’re using doesn’t support two-step verification. Using an app-specific password also ensures that your primary Apple ID password isn’t collected or stored by any third party apps you might use.

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Apple Patches Major Security Hole That Allowed Access To Information

bugreporterA major security hole was discovered first by developer Jesse Järvi on last Friday in Apple’s Radar application that allowed access to personal information for every registered iOS, Mac, or Safari developer and every Apple retail and corporate employee. Apple’s Radar application is an internal program used by Apple employees to manage bug reports that are submitted through its bug tracker. Jesse Järvi had first downloaded the Radar application from Apple’s website and then reported the security flaw to 9to5Mac who then contacted Apple. Apple ensured that the security hole will be patched as soon as possible and Apple engineers worked over the weekend to fix the problem that was fixed by Sunday night. Though there is no official communication on this from Apple, they assured Jesse Järvi that the security hole is patched now. Read More

AtHome Camera – IP Camera For Home Security

athomeAtHome Camera and AtHome Video Streamer is a useful App that uses your mobile camera to turn your mobile into a full-featured video surveillance system. With AtHome Camera and AtHome Video Streamer you can easily connect and watch your home or office from anywhere anytime using the App on your mobile. The App is made by iChano Incorporation and has a free as well as a pro version. Read More

iOS and Google TV Among Cyber Attack Targets for 2011

McAfee, the popular computer security company which was recently acquired by Intel released its 2011 Threat Predictions report which highlighted the platforms and services that would be the target of cyber attacks.

Among the list were Internet based TV services like Google TV and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. According to McAfee, the Apps that would run on these platforms would expose privacy and identity data.

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