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App Store Search Now Fixes Ranking For Spellings And Typos To Boost Discovery

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A recent change in the App Store search algorithm now ranks Apps even for spellings mistakes and typos. This change will definitely help boost up App discovery, a major concern in the App world. It is also rumored that Apple is also considering to rank Apps on the basis of positive and negative reviews. Read More

Google Changes Privacy Terms. Can Now Combine Every Piece of Data About You To Create One Profile

privacyGoogle today changed its privacy policies and terms and it seems that they are now gearing up against Twitter, Facebook and Apple for delivering the most relevant information. The company has now combined over seventy different policies into one that mentions that Google now has the ability to combine any information it has about you into one single profile to help you get more relevant results. Read More

Top Search Term on Yahoo – iPhone

yahooYahoo recently announced that in 2011, the top search term that users searched for using the search engine for the “iPhone”. Although not many people use Yahoo as their primary search engine, but those who atleast search using it, have search for the iPhone most in 2011. Part of it can be credited to the iPhone 5 rumors and the integration of Siri in the iPhone 4S. Read More

Google Launches Flights Search

Google Flight SearchGoogle has launched a new search tool that allows you to search for flights right from your browser. There already are amazing flight tools like Kayak available, but with Google entering the game, Google Flights might become your go-to search engine when you are looking for flights. Read More

Google’s Instant Pages Will Load Web Pages Instantly

instant pagesGoogle’s spiciest new feature is dubbed ‘Instant Pages’ and it plans to make web page loading instantaneous. Instant Pages loads up the first result of your query displayed in the search engine results page even before your click it. Google does so only when it believes that it has produced relevant content, and when it believes that you are likely to click on the first result of the page. Read More

Google Adds New Voice Feature in Search Engine

Just like voice is completely integrated with Android, Google wants to make the PC version of the search engine voice enabled too. Google is going to add a new search icon next to the search bar in its desktop version of the search engine which will allow users to search for queries instantaneously by speaking the query instead of typing it. Read More

Google Revamps Mobile Search User Interface

google newGoogle is slowly rolling out a revamped user interface model for its mobile search. Google’s revamped mobile search experience features large tabs on top with icons that give you quick access to other Google services including Images, News, Gmail, and Blogs. Read More

Google’s All New Results Page

google new SERPGoogle is testing an all new search engine results page that looks quite neat with lots of white space. The page looks plain, and there is a lot of free space between consecutive results. The color scheme has also been tweaked, and results are separated with a dotted line. Read More

New Chrome Ads Are A Hit

chrome new iconGoogle’s latest Ads featuring Chrome and Google’s other social services including YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, Google Maps, and more demonstrate the power and capability of the web. With the super fast Chrome, Google shows how users use its services and the web in different ways to communicate and exchange information. Read More

Google’s Got Some Serious Competition, Bing Releases iPad App

20110408-120530.jpgGoogle has got some serious competition. Today, Bing released their iPad App that features a revolutionary user interface, and makes searching for queries using text or voice input a breeze. It also features gorgeous sections for different categories including movies, trends, news, and more. The App can be classified as an “all-in-one” as different sections are differently designed making the user experience totally amazing. Read More