Samsung Takes Anti-Apple “Wall Huggers” Ad One Step Further

wall huggers

Last month Samsung released a TV ad for its Samsung Galaxy S5 that called Apple iPhone users ‘wall huggers‘ who are always near a charging point due to low quality battery in their devices. According to cnet, Samsung has taken the campaign one step further by posting Samsung Galaxy S5 posters around power outlets throughout the major Airports in the U.S. Read More

AT&T and T-Mobile To Begin Pre-Orders Of Samsung S5

Galaxy S5

From today AT&T has begun the pre-orders of the soon to be launched Samsung S5 on its website and stores. The phone will cost $200 with a two-year service contract or $650 without a contract. T-Mobile will begin the pre-orders of Samsung S5 on Monday, 24th March and will charge $660 under its installment plan (i.e. $0 down payment + $27.50 X 24 months). Read More