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Apple Releases Beta 7.1 For Safari


Under its AppleSeed and Mac developers programs, Apple has released a new beta version of Safari for the beta testers. The new version for OS X Mavericks is 7.1 and for OS X Mountain Lion users it is 6.2. The beta update provides several upgrades to the WebKit engine that powers the browser. Read More

Beautiful New Apple Store Coming Soon in Barcelona (PICS)

apple store barcelonaApple will soon be opening up a brand new Apple Store near the center of the city of Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya. The folks at have managed to snap a few incredible pictures of the location. Bearing the pure Apple styled vision of making things visually stunning, this new store is covered with a gorgeous computer printed large sheet which includes broken tiles of the most popular native iPhone Apps. Read More

Finally. An Extension For Safari That Prevents App Store From Opening Automatically

nomoreitunesWhenever you visit an App page via Safari, it leads you to iTunes on your computer. Finally, an extension has arrived for Safari that prevents this from happening. With NoMoreiTunes, you can easily prevent App Store and iTunes pages from opening using the desktop App. The extension disables the script that triggers that action. Read More

How to – Enable Autofill in Safari on iOS

20111227-004639.jpgIf you visit a web page too often or fill in forms a lot directly from your iOS device, here is a neat feature which is by default turned off on all iOS devices dubbed “Autofill”. In Safari, you can use it to be more productive. Read More

2/3rds of All Google Searches on Mobile Happen on iOS Devices

google iphoneA high level employee in Google’s legal department, and a former FTC official, Suzanne Michel, testified in court today at the Senate Judiciary hearings that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all wanted to be the default search engine for the Safari internet browser on all iOS devices. Read More

Home Screen Saved Web Apps Now Have Access to Nitro Javascript Engine

nitro javascript engineApple added support for the Nitro Javascript Engine in mobile safari with iOS 4.2, but web apps saved to the home screen using the “Add to Home Screen” feature in safari did not have access to the Javascript library. Web application utilizing the power of the engine were drastically slower when launched from the home screen compared to being launched from mobile safari directly. In iOS 4.3, Apple has fixed the bug, and now saved web applications can optimize the nitro javascript engine for improved and faster performance. Read More

20 iPad Tips – Scroll to Top in Mobile Safari

20 ipad tipsWe are back at it. Here’s another iPad tip that will help you get the most out of your iPad. If you are reading a long page in Safari, and would just like to resume to the top instantly, this tip might help save you a lot of time. Read More

Safari Gets Tabbed Browsing, Read Later, and more [iOS 5]

In iOS 5, a new version of Safari will be available that would finally feature tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing will replace the current webpage preview feature, and will allow users to instantly switch from tab to tab. A new reading list feature (similar to Instapaper) has also been added to Safari that allows you to save web pages for reading later in a cluster free manner. Read More

Terra is Mobile Safari Done Right

terra ipadAs Apple has loosened its grip on the App Store, a lot of third party browsers have been made available for iOS devices. A new browser from Readdle dubbed “Terra” has been a chart topper for the past week, and it is incredible to use. It is a lot like Safari with many additional features, and most of all – completely Free. Read More

Google Brings Instant Previews to iOS

instant ios

Google Instant Previews, a feature that allows you to view screenshots of pages in the search engine results page itself is now available for iOS devices. If you have Instant Previews turned on, you could simply hover your mouse over a link and a screenshot of the desired page would appear on the right side.

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