Mockup Of Upcoming Assistant Feature That Will Let You Use Your Voice for Action

With Assistant, Apple plans to completely integrate Voice with the core OS. Some even predict that in the invitation sent out by Apple, “Let’s talk iPhone” somehow connects with the upcoming and powerful Assistant feature integrated with iOS 5. Actions such as sending text messages, calling people, opening Apps, searching for stuff, and many more things will be possible directly by just speaking to your device. Read More

iPad HD Coming This Fall?

20110707-113357.jpgThis is my next is reporting that according to trusted sources, Apple will release a new version of the iPad dubbed “iPad HD”. The new tablet will be targeted for advanced professionals, and would sport a 2048*1536 resolution screen, double the current screen resolution of iPad 2.

The report also claims that the device will be powerful enough to run Apple’s advanced Final Cut Pro software. Apple already offers iMovie for video editing, but with Final Cut Pro, professionals could edit movies directly on iPad HD. Read More

iPhone 5 Production Delayed, Starting in September

iphone 4The production process for the iPhone 5 has been delayed, and production won’t start until this September. According to Business Insider, Avian security said in a note to investors that a key component supplier for the iPhone will begin manufacturing the next gen iPhone in September. If the sources are true, the phone will hit the market in early 2012, and not this year at WWDC. Read More

New iPad Listings Spotted on Best Buy Website

best buy ipad

Another iPad 2 rumor! New listings for iPads have been spotted at the Best Buy website for devices that currently don’t exist. The devices are Wi-Fi only models and are priced at $599.00 and $699.99. It could be a Verizon iPad or the iPad 2 or a prank. Anyway, we still are waiting desperately for the February event where Apple would probably announce the iPad 2.

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iPad 2 Screen Resolution Will Be 2048×1536

ipad screen

A new rumor suggests that the screen resolution of the next generation iPad would be 2048X1536, twice the size of the current generation tablet from Apple. Just as the iPhone, Apple plans to retain the 9.7 inch size of the tablet, but increase the screen resolution to offer a better display solution.

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