Supercow Is An Exciting Mario-Type Farm Arcade Game for iOS

supercowSupercow from Nevosoft is an extremely addictive mario-type game in which you control Supercow, a cow with special super powers. In this thrilling adventure, you need to help Supercow save his live-stock friends. As the game is like the classic Mario-type, you need to control Supercow, collect money, unlock secret, gain powers, fight enemies, and find exits. The graphics of the game is simply stunning, and the developers have done a marvellous job designing each level with perfection. Read More

Turn your Table Into A Controller, Replicate Beats, and Have Fun in Beat Monster for iOS

beat monsterBeat Monster by MudPieStudios is an incredible memory based game in which you’ve got to hear the drum beat played, and replicate the exact same beat with the perfect combination of timing and preciseness. The games includes multiple levels, and although it appears easy at first sight, it does get tough as you progress. You need to memorize the drum beats including the timing gap between two consecutive drum beats, and then replicate the beat exactly in the same manner. Read More

Dr. Doodah : 100 First Things Will Help Children Remember Objects in a Fun Way

dr doodah for iphoneDr. Doodah 100 First Things for iPhone is an amazing App that will keep the kids busy. The games feature hundred different objects that are categorized differently. As the game has primarily been developed for kids, tapping on an object zooms into the object, gives a brief demonstration of the object, and pronounces the object name for the children to visualize and get a better understanding of the term. Read More

Meteoric Download Manager Is An Awesome Browser And A Great Download Manager

mdmMobile Safari is not perfect. Although it renders web-pages in an amazing manner, it lacks loads of features including a download manager, sharing capabilities, FireFox sync, and ad blocking. This is exactly where “Meteoric Download Manager” from DigitalPoke comes in. The browser is packed to the gills with features that will blow your mind. Read More

Review – ReAuthored Case for iPad

reauthored tries to develop innovative and creative cases for the iPad that combine the values of a book, helps enrich the environment, and also acts like a case for iPad. The ReAtuhored case for iPad 2 is designed like a book, and is more of a book rather than a case for the magical device. The case has a nice cover that is apparently made up of recycled material. Read More

The Great Contest App – Play Games, and Win Prizes

tgcThe Great Contest is a new App for iOS that allows you to win exciting prizes by playing and competing in contests. The concept is pretty intriguing, and the prizes sure do sound exciting. In The Great Contest, you’ll have to enter different contests every month by paying 59c for a month, and then you are eligible for the contests for that month. Read More