Meteoric Download Manager Is An Awesome Browser And A Great Download Manager

mdmMobile Safari is not perfect. Although it renders web-pages in an amazing manner, it lacks loads of features including a download manager, sharing capabilities, FireFox sync, and ad blocking. This is exactly where “Meteoric Download Manager” from DigitalPoke comes in. The browser is packed to the gills with features that will blow your mind. Read More

Review – ReAuthored Case for iPad

reauthored tries to develop innovative and creative cases for the iPad that combine the values of a book, helps enrich the environment, and also acts like a case for iPad. The ReAtuhored case for iPad 2 is designed like a book, and is more of a book rather than a case for the magical device. The case has a nice cover that is apparently made up of recycled material. Read More

The Great Contest App – Play Games, and Win Prizes

tgcThe Great Contest is a new App for iOS that allows you to win exciting prizes by playing and competing in contests. The concept is pretty intriguing, and the prizes sure do sound exciting. In The Great Contest, you’ll have to enter different contests every month by paying 59c for a month, and then you are eligible for the contests for that month. Read More

Utopia Island for iOS – It Is All About Smashing

mofoappsUtopia Island from MofoApps is a game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in which you need to smash monsters to make your way to the top of the global leaderboard and unlock achievements. The game features good graphics, and the game play is smooth. You will be placed in different scenarios and monsters would constantly try to attack you. Read More

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360 Web Browser for iOS Comes With Themes, Plugins, Firefox Sync, Download Manager, and More

360 Web Browser from Digital Poke is a revolutionary new web browser for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that includes Firefox Sync capabilities, better download management, and is extremely customizable. The browser also features an inbuilt music player that allows you to control the music playback on your iOS device. Read More

Essential Android App – Instapaper Client

instapaper client

#10 – If you aren’t aware, Instapaper is a service that allows you to save web pages to read later without all the junk. It presents you with only text and that can be viewed across various platforms. While Instapaper has applications for iOS devices, a native official app for Android hasn’t been released yet.

Instapaper Client is an App available for Android that helps you manage and view your Instapaper account and the associated web pages on your Android device. The App is free and setting up is simple. All your articles would be downloaded instantly, and can be viewed in a text only format. You can share the article, zoom in or zoom out.

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