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Be A Professional Buyer With Auction Wars For iOS (Review)

auction warsDo you like watching auction programs? Do you wonder what it feels like to win a rare painting or an antique grandfather clock? Auction Wars, developed by GameDigits Ltd, allows you to step into the shoes of professional buyers and get the adrenalin pumping. Your job, in Auction Wars, is to predict the price of each object such that you walk away with a huge profit and hold off challenging opponents from winning the auction. Read More

WritePad For Android — Turn Your Handwriting into Digital Text (Review)

writepadWritePad, developed by PhatWare Corp., provides you the opportunity to use your handwriting to input text flawlessly. WritePad is a new method of input for Android that replaces the stock Android keyboard with a multilingual handwriting recognition keyboard. Read More

Knowzz Trusted Local Services — Find Reliable Services From People You Trust! (Review)

knowzzSometimes searching for local services in a new or even your own neighborhood can be frustrating. You can ask your friends for recommendations on social websites but may not always receive a reply in time. Or you could look in the Yellow Pages but cannot be certain of the credibility of the listed services. This is where Knowzz – Trusted Local Services comes in. Developed by Knowzz Inc, Knowzz is a unique App which lets your friends and neighbors help you without them even knowing about it. Read More

Save All The Time You Need With Day Flow For iOS (Review)

day flowWith all sorts of things to do in a day, anyone can easily lose track of time. People get so tangled up with work and their daily routine that it is really difficult to find any spare time at all. To prevent this, Day Flow helps you to manage your time with ease and a beautiful design that truly stands apart from other Apps of its kind. Read More

Elite Keylogger For Mac — Now Keep A Tab Of What Happens On Your Mac

elite keyloggerDo you share a Mac with your family? Or Perhaps you don’t want to but your children crack your password and use it anyway? Or maybe a relative or a neighbour requests it for just a few minutes for some internet purchase? If you aren’t the sole user of your machine there is very little you can do to monitor its usage. Yes, there is the History feature on web browsers, but it doesn’t tell you anything more than the websites visited. This is where Elite Keylogger comes into play. Recording every single keystroke, it keeps a tab on what’s happening on your computer. Read More

Widget RPG For Android — Simplest RPG Ever Made! [REVIEW]

widget rpgIf there is one thing that appeals to me in mobile applications, it’s minimalism and simplicity. The two things I never expected to see well incorporated into a game, that too, a Role Playing Game. Enter, Widget RPG. A unique twist in this game is that everything — moving across lands, fighting, attacking, winning, losing — happens with you tapping a widget. Read More

Askt Diary/Journal For iOS — A Creative And Inspiring Way To Start Writing (Review)

asktOnce in a while people get inspired to start a diary or a journal. They may be going on a trip of a lifetime or just want to put down their daily thoughts. But sometimes the mere question, ‘What should I write?’ can cause one to lose interest. But never fear, Askt Journal/Diary have a solution. Developed by Whyse ApS, the App provides the right amount of motivation to get you started with your diary/journal. Read More

Tank Titans HD – Protect the Battlefield With Your Tank (Review)

tank titansThere are few simulation games on the App Store that actually give you the feel of the way things work in the real world with complete freedom. Some lack in graphics and some in gameplay, but Tank Titans, developed by Reece Campbell, provides you the opportunity to get into your own personal military tank and defeat your enemy. Filled with a vast number of customization and a realistic tank gameplay, Tank Titans gets close to providing the same experience you get from a video game console. Read More

Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine For iOS — A Digitalized Magazine (Review)

mountain top lifestyle magazineMountain Top Lifestyle Magazine by Vision Genesis Ltd allows you to experience the feel of a print magazine in digital style. Mountain Top Lifestyle Magazine makes it easy to enjoy uplifting and inspiring articles on the move or on your couch, whichever suits your needs. Read More

EleEditor — Make Your Notes Useful and Organized (Review)

eleeditorEleEditor, developed by Kdan Mobile Software, allows you to efficiently manage your Evernote notes and at the same time lets you edit them. EleEditor provides a user-friendly interface with flexible editing techniques. With cloud backing capabilities and a rich editor, EleEditor lets you create and edit a note the way you like and in a completely unique style. Read More