Commander One – An Absolute File Manager


Commander One by Eltima LLC is a utility App which is available for the OSX which in its essence is a File Manager that when connected to another device lets you transfer files between the devices. The App makes transferring files from Android devices a much more simpler task.  It has a dual-pane interface that makes navigation a piece of cake. The App also allows the user to connect his device using the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for complete control over the device. Lets take a deeper look at what this App can do. Read More

Cute VS Evil – An Interesting Swipe Bubble Shooter Launches Soon


Cute VS Evil is an upcoming game for iOS.  The game is scheduled to release on the App Store by the 4th of February this year. Cute VS Evil is all about Cute removing Evil from their world. From the release trailer for this game we can make a good first impression about it, and so far the game looks promising with good amount of fun and challenges.  Lets have a deeper look at it. Read More

Air Printer for iOS – A Unique Printing Tool That Is Packed To The Gills


Air Printer, as the name suggests is an App which would help you print your work from absolutely anywhere. The App which was created by Pilcrow AG and costs $2.99 is probably one of the most productive App in the App Store. The App has multiple features apart from printing which include a “File Manager” like interface, additional conversion and presentation features. Read More

VigCal – The All-In-One Smart Organizer


VigCal, a smart organizer is an organizer like no other. Not only is it an all-in-one calendar, it is really useful to update and plan your activities. A very rich featured and an easy on the eye app with its great yet simple design. The App looks beautiful and is extremely responsive. Add to that the all the extra options and the amount of fine tune that can be applied is absolutely out of the box. Let’s get a little in-depth about this App. Read More

The Interactive Adventure – Sam Plays The Saxophone (REVIEW)

Sam Plays icon

This interactive book App is perfect for young children, it’s educational and enjoyable. The story, Sam Plays Saxophone, is about Sam’s journey to find musicians. While on his journey, Sam faces various challenges and makes new friends. The reader is exposed to a world of music and musical instruments: hearing the individual sounds of each instruments and learning about composing Jazz songs. The engaging story and fun activities make this a wholesome educational App. Read More

See How You Or Your Friends Look With A Mustache – iOS Review

Mustache Bash Free
No, this is not an App where you bash people with a mustache, it’s an App where you bash a mustache on people. This is a hairy App of wit and humor where you have an assortment of facial hair styles that you can slap on any picture of anybody is absolutely hilarious. Now you can actually see how you or anyone for that matter would look like sporting different kinds of mustache. Read More

Multiplayer Exciting Puzzle Game – Viva Match Battle for iOS

Viva Match BattleOn a slow boring day with nearly nothing to do and laziness clouding over you, this game is capable enough to give you a morning kick and get you back in full senses. The fast-paced competitive gameplay and the sheer cuteness of the character sends a smile. But this is no child’s play, it’s a hard and fast battle of swipes. The game aims to keep the player hooked and engaged and is very successful in the same. Read More

VIPole Secure Messenger For Android (Review)

Instant Messaging is one of the most effective and the fastest tool to communicate. The only problem with the common Instant Messaging Apps is that they are not always private and secure, and therefore, business and working class professionals prefer the traditional emails. Here is VIPole Secure Messenger – a life saver for professionals. VIPole is an App that is as fast as any other instant messaging App and is 100% secure. Read More

Locolist – Your Campus Craigslist For iOS & Android (Review)

Locolist LogoBuying and selling stuff online using websites like Craigslist is like rolling the dice, you don’t know the person you are dealing with and that could result in you having a very bad experience. Locolist eliminates those concerns by connecting college students from the same campus who are interested in buying or selling things. The App is available on iOS and on Android.


Read More

Lion Chief For iOS And Android (Review)

Lion ChiefGames are a massive time killer. Be it Mortal Combat or a game as simple as Doodle Jump, their motto is to keep the player occupied. Lion Chief is one such ‘light on the phone’ game that will keep you occupied when you are bored or when you are travelling. Simba, from The Lion King, (duh!) was the first thing that came into my mind while the game was downloading. However, this lion in the game is more Scar than Simba. Read More

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