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Apple No Longer Allows Update And Reinstallation Of Refunded Apps

updateUnlike before, Apple has stopped users from updating or re-installing Apps for which they have taken a refund.

Users get an error message when they try to do either of the actions for refunded Apps. Read More

Apple Offering Refund For In-App Purchases Made By Minors

ipadkidsHave you ever been a victim of in-app purchases made by your child? Then here’s a good news for you. Apple is sending out emails to some iTunes account holders informing them that they are liable for a refund if the purchase was made by a minor. Apple has been constantly trying to avoid the troubles happening to account holders due to in-app purchases made by minors. Kids based App developers are also taking this seriously and are implementing additional security measures to make sure kids don’t accidentally purchase items. Read More

Bought iWork Or iLife After 1st September? Get A Full Refund From Apple Now


Apple has just started refunding iOS users who purchased iWork and iLife Apps for their Apple devices, bought after the 1st of September. As Apple announced on their 10th September iPhone event, the following Apps would be available for free on latest iOS devices. Read More