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Google Shuts Down Realtime, Will Incorporate Realtime Social Searches in Google+

googlerealtimeBack in December 2009, Google launched Google Realtime, a service that displayed trending topics from around the globe on social networking sites. You could search for any topic, and Google would index sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and more to display relevant social information. Read More

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Shown on Google Doodle and YouTube in Realtime

lunar googleThe incredible lunar eclipse of 2011 in happening at the moment, and Google is showing the event as it unfolds right on its homepage in realtime. As the total lunar eclipse cannot be viewed from North America, Google has uploaded a doodle that demonstrates the event that is being captured by cameras in South Africa, Dubai and the Canary Islands. Read More

Google Realtime Search Adds Quora, Facebook, Gowalla, and Buzz

quora googleGoogle’s realtime search feature allows you to search for queries in realtime. The realtime search engine usually featured results and links from Twitter, and sometimes Facebook, but today Google has added Quora, Gowalla, Buzz, and Facebook to its roster of services that provide results for realtime searches. Read More

Google Feedburner Interface Gets Major Overhaul

google feedburner

Google’s RSS service, Feedburner now allows users to test drive a new interface that is currently in BETA. The new interface has a more organized dashboard and is simpler to operate.

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Google Realtime Search Updated With New Features

Google Realtime

Google launched Realtime search back in December to provide the most recent and updated information about a particular topic on the internet. Realtime Search results were integrated with Google Search and users could click on the drop down menu and hit Realtime to view Realtime results of the query.

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