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Beach Buggy Racing Coming To Android This August

beach buggy racing

Vector Unit makes some of the best and most enjoyable games for iOS and Android, and now they are releasing a sequel to their Beach Buggy Blitz (well, sort of) game, which will be coming to Android and the Kindle Fire. Read More

Wrong Way Racing For iOS — Can You Survive In The Wrong Lane?

wrong way racingWrong Way Racing, developed by Jared Bailey, is one of the easiest games out there on the App Store that will drive you crazy. Featuring a simple one tap and rapid gameplay, Wrong Way Racing is truly an addictive game. Read More

Top 5 Free Racing Games For iPad

Racing GamesThe App Store is crawling with tons of games, but the main problem that everyone faces is the question: which racing game is worth my time? You may have already downloaded and played some racing games, but were they any good, did they excite you? We, at TheAppleGoogle, have compiled the Top 5 Free Racing Games for iPad, so all you need to do is download, play and enjoy! Read More

Rail Racing — Experience Motor Racing On Your Phone

Rail RacingRail Racing by Polarbit (creators of Raging Thunder and Reckless Racing) is an excellent new motor racing App which is packed with speed, excitement and a whole load of fun. Let’s face it, we are never too old for playing racing games. Speeding virtual cars along daredevil tracks is far too exciting to miss. Now, Rail Racing is here to enhance the experience. Read More