Pixel Garden For iOS — A Great New Puzzler To Help You Relax

Pixel GardenPixel Garden by Oooweeooo Inc. is a brand new puzzle game to help you relax at the end of a long day. Despite the popularity of strategy and role-playing games, puzzlers have a special place in people’s smartphones. Not only do they test your brain power, but they also help you to wind down like no other game. Pixel Garden takes this a step further with pretty, coloured graphics which soothe your eyes and mind. Read More

TripTrap For iOS — Warning: It’s Addictive!

TripTrapTripTrap for iOS is a delightful new puzzler by Duello Games. It’s a deceptively challenging game which would initially lead you to believe that you could master it in no time. Well, how hard can it be to get a mouse into its hole, you ask. A lot harder than it looks, especially if you want the hungry mouse to eat all those delicious pieces of cheese as well. Read More

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