Ravensburger Puzzle For iOS — Taking Jigsaw To The Next Level

ravensLooking for something to get your mind off the stress of a challenging day? Ravensburger Puzzle App may just be the answer. Whether you’re waiting to catch a ride or simply relaxing on the couch after a long day’s work, Ravensburger Puzzle brings you an exhilarating experience and countless hours of entertainment. Read More

“Can You Escape” For iOS – For The Detective In You

canyouescapeIf you enjoy solving puzzles and clues to reach to a solution, you’ll love the game “Can You Escape”. The game is by Kaarel Kirsipuu, who has a list of escape games to his credit. Can You Escape has 8 levels and task at each level is to solve the puzzle by finding hidden objects or coded numbers in the room in order to advance to the next level. When you enter the room you look around and click on objects, enlarge them to look for clues. Sometimes you even have to solve mathematical puzzles, some color correlations and more to reach to the final key to unlock the door. The difficulty grows at each level, and this keeps the player glued. Read More

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Save The Princess In I Need A Hero App for Android

ineedaheroI Need A Hero is a free Android based app by Mad Hat Games that feels like a new take on classics. The story line itself is a classic “save the damsel in distress” theme. The player will be a hero or knight commissioned by the king to find his daughter that is kidnapped by a dragon. The player will be going through many adventures and battles with horrible but quirky creatures like goblins, witches, and dragons. The player also goes about in the game gathering gold and crystals to purchase potions and spells to be used to heal yourself or attack your enemy. The player is aided by his trusty pageboy and his donkey and together the trio aims for fame, gold, and glory. Read More

WondaGems for iOS – Puzzle Game, Match Gems of Same Color (REVIEW)

wondagemsWondaGems for iOS is a puzzle game which does not have a new concept, but is presented in a new way. In WondaGems, you have a set of gems with different colors. You can only swipe once across two gems to make them interchange their position. Once the gems have interchanged their position, your objective is to make sure that three or more gems of the same color are placed vertically or diagonally in order to make them disappear and earn points. Read More

HEX IT – Highly Challenging Puzzle Game for iPhone

HEX ITHEX IT is a truly challenging puzzle game for iOS that will take your brain for a bumpy ride. HEX IT is innovative, mind-boggling and fun. Graphics are very neatly done and the gameplay is engaging. You objective in HEX IT is to twist the hexagons of different colors to match a specific pattern. You need to arrange all the gems in the perfect format in order to earn reward stars. Read More