New MacBook Pro 15-Inch To Sport Retina Display and Ultra-Thin Design

9to5Mac claims that the upcoming new MacBook Pro 15-inch from Apple will look a lot different from the current one and will sport an entirely new ultra-thin design. With the MacBook Air selling so much, it was clear to Apple that even though the MacBook Pro offers better performance, the design had to be tweaked. Apple’s all new upcoming MacBook Pro for 15 inch will have an ultra-thin design and also include a shiny retina display. Read More

New MacBook Pro Could Be Launched

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is constraining the supply of all current MacBook models, in anticipation of a refresh of the line of the product. They also claim that the part numbers for new MacBook Pros have shown up in Apple’s inventory. The model numbers are K90IA for the new 13 inch model, K91A for the 15 inch and K92A for the 17 inch model. Read More

Apple Once Considered 3G MacBook Pros

Recent news suggests that Apple once suggested a new form of MacBook Pros which sported 3G capabilities. It’s unclear still whether these are just rumors or if they are a reality. With coverage on 3G and now 4G networks becoming more widespread, we can expect more and more devices to be capable of using this service. Eventually it may eliminate the need for other internet services all together. But with more and more laptops coming out with built in 3G capabilities, we can expect Apple to eventually come out with a MacBook with built in 3G. Read More