SoundCloud Brings Special Discounted Pricing For Students

SoundCloud is a big name in the audio industry, where you can see all the independent artists uploading their music alongside the regular mainstream and commercial tracks. Today, this music streaming company has made it very easy for the students to avail the service at a reasonable cost of just $4.99 SoundCloud Go+ subscription instead of $9.99. Read More

iPad 3 To Cost As Much As iPad 2 [RUMOR]

As we posted a few days back, the iPad 3 is going to be announced on March 7, but we didn’t know anything about the pricing and date of availability, until now. 9to5Mac has cleared rumors that said that the iPad 3 will be more expensive than the iPad 2 by reporting that one of their sources told them that the pricing structure for the new iPad will be identical to the current one, which ranges from just $499 for the 16GB WiFi model to a hefty, wallet hurting amount of $829 for the 64GB 3G+WiFi model. This news is relieving, now that we know that the iPad 3 will cost the same, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise for most of us, since Apple always seems to either keep the price consistent, or in the case of the iPod touch, decrease it by a bit.

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Here’s the Pricing for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S

iphone pricingIn the “Let’s talk iPhone” Event, Apple has just unveiled the prices of the the newly revelead iPhone 4S, an upgraded version of the iPhone 4. A new 64GB iPhone is now also available for $399 with a two year contract. Apple will still continue to sell the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. iPhone 3GS will now be free with a contract while iPhone 4 will be for $99 with a contract for two years. Read More

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