What to Expect from Apple’s Upcoming iPod Event

There have been a lot of rumors about this event, but if the truth be told, some of the rumors just feel so fake. In a statement earlier this year, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said that Apple would announce a lot of great products later this year. The time has come and if rumors are to be believed, the next Apple event could happen sometime in late September or maybe this month.

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Predictions Galore – iPod Touch 4G

This is another post on a continuous series by TheAppleGoogle – Predictions Galore. This time we take up the hottest and coolest available PMP , the Apple iPod Touch . iPod Touch 4G must have these features :-

1. Higher Capacity – If Apple could offer a 160GB worth of space on the iPod Touch, it couldn’t get better.

2. Larger Screen – Currenlty the iPod Touch sports a 3.5 inch screen. A 4.3inch would be cool for a PMP.

3. Customizable – Changing icons, Applying themes, Having different sounds for notifications and changing the home screen background must be a feature available on the iPod Touch 4G.

4. Completely Voice enabled – Like the Nexus One, the iPod Touch 4G too must have voice input wherever text input is available.

5. Camera – A 3.2 MP camera could be awesome for a beginning.

6. Better earphones ( in-ear earphones) – Apple already released their in-ear headphones and they are likely to ship it with the new iPod Touch.

7. Scratch Resistant Back

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