Top 5 Accessories For Google Pixel 4a

Google’s all set to launch the new Pixel 4a at the end of this month. With a price tag of only $350, people are calling it the “most affordable smartphone” of the year. Its camera quality is a cherry on the top. As people are rushing to pre-order this beauty, we bring to you Top 5 Accessories For Google Pixel 4a that you should consider ordering along with the phone. Read More

Google’s New $350 Phone Packs A Killer Camera & Processor

Google recently announced the release of Pixel 4a. The phone will be available for purchase starting August 30 and will cost $350. Considering that the majority of the phones cost over $1000 it is a great price. Apple’s iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy 51 are available for similar prices. Samsung and Apple are definitely the most popular phones on the market but Google’s Pixel started rising in popularity since the release of Pixel 3A. When the phone was released Google saw the sales double year by year. The idea behind Pixel 4a is similar to that of Pixel 3 A. The phone is good, it has a great camera and an affordable price. Google had planned the release of the phone earlier this year but the COVID-19 pandemic interfered with the plans.

The factories were shut down and it became either hard or impossible to monitor and manage the production of the phones. Google will also launch its Pixel 5 that will support the 5G network and will be available for $499. For people who do not want to spend over $400 on the phone the Apple’s new iPhone SE and Google’s Pixel 4 are the best options. Pixel 4 a, similar to iPhone SE, is small and you can hold it in one hand. The screen has better colors than iPhone SE or Pixel 3 and covers the whole space from the top to the bottom. The fingerprint reader is located on the back of the phone, unlike iPhone SE that has the front fingerprint reader, thus taking space that could be used for the screen. Pixel 4a has a simple design. It is available only in black. Read More

Pixel 4a Finally Arriving On 3rd August After Multiple Delays

The Pixel 4a was expected to arrive in May but was hit with multiple delays. As per the new leak, the smartphone is supposed to be unveiled in the first week of August. Google also lately discontinued the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, which hints that the successor is on its way.

Tipster John Prosser confidently stated that the phone would be launched on August 3 but the consumers have already started losing interest. It will be the third postponed date if the August 3 launch of the Pixel 4a shifts further. Earlier, Google was expected to launch the Pixel 4a series at the Android 11 launch event on June 3. It was not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement rife in the US. Later, Prosser announced the Pixel 4a will debut on July 13 which didn’t happen either. Read More

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