Top 5 Photoshop Like Apps For Android

Be it a professional or an amateur, everyone likes their photo to stand out in the crowd and that’s why we use a photo editor. Finding a good photo editor might seem like a task as Play Store offers so many Apps that we can use for editing. But the question still remains, which are the best one’s amongst them? If this is your cue, then don’t worry as TheAppleGoogle has got you covered. We have come up with the top 5 Photoshop-like Apps for Android that will give you just what you need. Read More

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Updated Photoshop App Will Sport Layers

It appears that at Photoshop World, Adobe demonstrated an updated version of its Photoshop Express for iOS application. The updated version reportedly will sport layers, quick editing, multi-touch gestures, image correction tools, and more. The App will remain free, and in a video posted by Photography Bay, you can look exactly how the updated version would feel with Layers. Read More