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Bedazzle Me For iOS: A Dazzling New Camera App

Bedazzle MeBedazzle Me, created by Virtual Jungle LLC, is a fun new camera App that adds excitement to the usual, everyday photos. With this App users can add ornaments, fancy teeth, masks and much more to their pictures to make them more fun. Read More

New Apple TV Ad Focuses on Photos

Apple has aired a new TV ad today and also made it live on its website and YouTube channel dubbed “Photos Every Day”. The ad focuses on the fact that more photos are taken from the iPhone every single day than any other camera. This data has been extracted by Flickr. Read More

How To: Edit Photos On iPhone

editJust clicked a picture with your iPhone and need to edit it instantly? You don’t need to have another App to do that, you can get simple yet powerful editing options right within the Photos App. So how do you edit photos on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Read More

Google Makes it Easier to Upload Photos With Google Instant Upload [Google+]

If you find it hard to always keep photos captured from your mobile device in sync with your computer, Google’s new Instant Upload might help you. Google Instant Upload makes it easy for you to quickly store and share photos from your mobile device with friends and family. By setting permissions to allow Instant Upload, you can upload each and every photo taken from your mobile device to an album privately stored in the cloud as you take them. Read More

Unlimited Storage in Picasa

picasa web

Google has issued an update to its service for managing photos called Picasa. The new update as InstantFundas points out can help certain users gain unlimited storage on their Picasa Web Albums account.

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Iomega’s iPhone Data Backup and Charging Dock

iomega superhero

Iomega’s new SuperHero is an iPhone/iPod touch dock with a built in 4GB SD card that helps you back up your precious photos and contacts from your iPhone. If you can’t sync your phone with iTunes regularly, this dock can be extremely helpful as it would backup all your pictures and contacts to a built in SD card and even charge your device.

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