Photo Sphere Camera For iOS — Embrace Panoramic Brilliance

photo sphereWant to add a sparkling touch to your plain pictures? Or relive those perfect moments when you view your photos? Developed by Google Inc., Photo Sphere Camera is a brilliant photo stitching App that blends panorama mastery with creativity to give your photos a breath-taking outlook. Originally meant for Android users, now iOS lovers also have a chance to try out this fantastic App. Read More

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For iOS

Photo EditingTheAppleGoogle has recently and in the past reviewed a large number of photo editing Apps. This is mainly due to an increasing number of Photo Apps entering the App Store. The camera on the iPhones keep getting better and so do the Apps which make use of it. More and more people now use their phones as their primary camera on holidays. This got us thinking which of these many Apps can be used to make the most of your photos in today’s world of Instagram and social media. So we did our research and picked the Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iOS. Needless to say, this list is not exhaustive. And, with the arrival of iOS 8 soon and its many features, it may very well need another revision. Read More

Flashback For iOS — Create Everlasting Memories With A Tap Of Your Finger

FlashbackWith the camera on iPhones and iPads getting better with each version of the devices it’s no surprise that there has been an increase in photo and video Apps on the App Store. The Photo & Video category is slowly becoming saturated with new Apps. The upside of this is that each new App has to offer something unusual to the users to make itself stand out. And Flashback for iOS does exactly that. It goes above and beyond the usual editing, filtering, etc. by creating a montage of memories. Read More

UniFrame For iOS – A Photo Frames App

uniframeUniFrame is the latest App in a series of photo presentation Apps which have hit the AppStore recently. But UniFrame has an edge over the other Apps with its unique feature which allows you to browse images from various sources – internet and your own – to create a beautiful, collage-style photo frame. Unfortunately, the execution of the App slightly lets down this brilliant idea. Read More

Photo – Apple’s Celebration of Steve Jobs’ Life

Apple recently celebrated Steve Jobs’ life at Apple HQ where thousands gathered to learn more about the life of the man who changed the world. Today, the company has released only one picture giving us a brief look at the event. It is believed that Coldplay performed at the event, and Tim Cook addressed the crowd gathered. Large pictures of Steve were also put up. Read More