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HTC One – Is This The Phone You Want?

htc one

HTC moments ago released their new flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One. And it is nothing short of a killer device. So what’s so special about this phone that Apple and Samsung fanboys need to know about? Read on for more details on the new device.

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Sony Announces Socially Connected Xperia Miro

Xperia MiroAs you may know, Sony had a countdown timer on their site, and when it reached zero, they were supposed to announce something new. But, like us, Sony couldn’t hold onto it much longer, and made the countdown timer tick to zero, about a week before it should have, and what they announced, isn’t something which you might consider really special. Read More

AT&T Buys T-Mobile for $39 Billion

t-mobile iphoneAT&T have just announced that they have acquired T-Mobile for a whooping $39 billion. The carrier will spend over $39 billion to acquire T-Mobile, the only other carrier apart from AT&T that operates on the GSM band.
The acquisition means that AT&T will now become the only carrier in the United States to operate on the GSM Band. All T-Mobile customers will now be served by AT&T. Read More

Google Nexus S Now Available In Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia

google nexus sGoogle has just made its second iteration of the Nexus series, Nexus S available in Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia. Users from these countries can now get the Google phone with Android 3.0 from Google’s website at (Korea), (Hong Kong), or (Australia). The Nexus S features an amazing 4 inch display, rear and front-facing cameras, all Google mobile Apps preinstalled, and loads of other great features.

Android Kicks Nokia’s Symbian To Become World’s Top Smart Phone Operating System

android king

Google’s Android has kicked Nokia’s Symbian operating system for smart phones to become the top smart phone operating system. This shift was expected as Android runs on devices manufactured by several different companies, while Nokia’s Symbian runs only on devices manufactured by Nokia.

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Verizon’s First iPhone 4 Commercial

verizon iphone

Verizon has today published a new commercial that showcases the Verizon iPhone 4. With this new advertisement, Verizon also aims to thank the millions of people who waited for the Verizon iPhone. A voice in the advertisement says, “To our millions of customers, who never stopped believing this day would come.” Just as the clock strikes 12, a girl says “Thank you.”

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Verizon Gets and

iphone verizon

Here is another hint that a Verizon iPhone is not far away. Today, Verizon acquired and domains. The domains were owned by a smart guy who also owns, and more.

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Nexus S Teardown – Contour Display Isn’t Up To the Mark

nexus s

The Google Nexus S was made available in the US yesterday and today the folks at iFixit have torn the Google phone completely. There isn’t something really special inside the Nexus S and its hardware is almost same as the Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung.

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Essential Android Apps – Picasa Tool Pro

picasa web

Essential Android App #17 – Picasa Tool Pro is an excellent App for Picasa Web Album users that allows you to view, download, upload and share pictures from your Picasa Web Albums account.

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Google Nexus One Forum Goes Read-Only

google nexus one

Google’s official mobile phone is dead, but the company is trying to slowly remove all the evidence. Google has announced that its Nexus One Online forums would go Read-Only starting from November 1 which means Nexus One admirers and owners would not be able to post in topics.

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