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Samsung To Pay Around $120 Million To Apple For Patent Infringement


In a report by Re/code, it has been revealed that a federal jury reached a verdict in a trial between Samsung and Apple, and has concluded that Samsung has in fact infringed several of Apple’s patents, awarding them $119.6 Million in damages. Read More

Apple Won’t Have to Give Samsung A Sneak Peek of iPhone 5 and iPad 3

apple vs samsungApple and Samsung are working hard to fight their ongoing court-case over each other’s patent infringement, but when Samsung asked Apple to show it the unannounced iPhone 5 and iPad 3, everyone was shocked. FOSS Patents have looked deeply into the case, and have come to the conclusion, Apple wasn’t obligated to show Samsung its unannounced products, but Samsung will have to provide several of their products to Apple’s legal team. Read More

The Great Faked-Out Rotary Dial iPhone has been Patented by Apple

iphone fake

Remember that old fake iPhone with a rotary dial that was showed off by Steve Jobs during the launch of the first iPhone in 2007? It is now patented by Apple. The ever charming Steve Jobs said that the Faked-Out Rotary Dial phone was the iPhone which amused people.

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Next Generation iPad Possible Design Revealed

Today, PatentlyApple reported that China’s Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of new Apple Industrial Designs. According to the reports, the next generation iPad would definitely have a front-facing camera for Face-Time and will also include a two way dock connector.

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New Patent Reveals Possible iMac touch and iTV Chip Architecture


According to Patently Apple, a newly published patent application from Apple reveals a few processes behind Apple’s own A4 processor. The patent relates to methods that help in reducing the size of a system’s circuitry by placing all the components of the system on the same chip.

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