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Apple Online Store Is Down

Apple Store The Apple online store is down. It could be regular maintenance or the addition of something new. We’ll find out soon.

Apple Store Down – Is It Something New Coming Or Just Regular Maintenance?

The Apple online store is currently down featuring the message – “We’ll be back” message in different languages. Could Apple surprise us with something or is it just regular scheduled maintenance? Well, we need to wait and watch.

Update: The store is now back up with an iPad based scrolling section and featuring a better and more advanced search engine. Read More

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of WWDC

Apple Online StoreThe Apple online store is now down and bears the message “We’ll be back. We are busy updating the Apple Store for you and will be back soon.” WWDC will be starting soon and we will be covering it here at Read More

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad 3 Launch

apple store downThe iPad 3 event is just minutes away and the online Apple Store has gone down. Wow. We are going to cover everything as it happens here on Let the excitement build up. Read More

Apple Prevents Scalpers With A New Reservation System for iPhone 4S

Apple Store BeijingYou may have read past articles about the problems that have been caused with the launch of iPhone 4S in China. As you can see from the picture of the Beijing Apple Store, there are many people waiting in anticipation – which is normal for the release of a new Apple product. However amongst this crowd, there are many “scalpers”, who go in as a customer and buy an iPhone and then sell them to people further back in the queue or online. And as you can probably predict Apple is trying to prevent this. Read More

New Apple Store App Will Change Apple Retail Forever

apple storeApple is set to unveil an all-new version of its Apple Store App for iOS devices that will change the company’s retail operation forever. According to this latest report from BGR, on Thursday, the App will go live and it will bring with it two new remarkable features. The new version will allow users to online order products and pick them up at an Apple retail store to make the entire process faster, and secondly customers will be able to self check out in all Apple Store. Read More

In-Store Pickup Of Online Ordered Apple Products Begins in San Francisco

apple in-store orderIt has been a while since Apple has been thinking of the idea to allow its customers to make purchases on the online store and pick their device up at their local apple stores, and finally, it is here for users in San Francisco. The program will gradually spread out to the whole of the US in just a matter of a few weeks or months. Read More

Apple to Sell 3G iPad 2 in China

ipad 2Apple has confirmed rumors and reports that said that the company will release the 3G iPad 2 in China, making it avaialble via Online Stores, to the many Authorised Resellers, and in Apple Retails, on Wednesday. Read More

Apple Revamps Online Shopping Experience, Better iPad Navigation

ipadbuyThe online Apple Store has just been updated, and the already amazing shopping experience has just been revamped. Now , buying iPads is much more easier with choices covered with big squared grayish background, and would just make you wanna hit the “Buy” button. Read More

Apple Store is Down

20110619-025426.jpgThe yellow sticky note has appeared on the online Apple Store, and the web based store is now down as Apple is busy updating it. What could it be? New MacBook Airs with Thunderbolt? We’ll let you know as soon as the store comes back up.