Google Play Introduces an ‘Offers’ Tab to Display Games and Apps Deals

illustration of hand holding smartphone featuring Google Play Store Offers Tab.

Google has recently announced the introduction of a new feature to the Google Play Store. This feature comes in the form of the addition of a new tab to the app. The Google Play Store “Offers” tab is designed to assist users in finding good deals on games and apps. The company has stated that the tab will feature deals across various categories. These include travel, shopping, fitness, media, and entertainment apps. Even though Google already shows users the different kinds of offers throughout the Play Store, this new tab will now aggregate those offers into one place. The Google Play Offers tab will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks. This update will first be available to users in the United States, Indonesia, and India. Google intends to expand the launch of this new tab to more countries later in 2022. 

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How To Get 6-Months Of Apple Music Subscription For Free

Apple already has a 3-month free trail in place for Apple Music subscription for new users. But now, the company has introduced a new Christmas offer where you can avail 6-months of free Apple Music without having to pay anything. This offer is available via the music recognition App Shazam which is owned by Apple. Read More

Amazon Fire Phone Discounted To $0.99

firephoneAmazon’s take on an Android phone (well, sort of), the Fire Phone, previously priced at $650, has just been dropped all the way down to 99 cents, along with a contract of course. It will be available exclusively with AT&T if bought on contract and will set you back $18.75 a month for 2 years, totalling $450, still $200 cheaper than the device’s unlocked version. Considering you get a monthly AT&T package and a full year of Amazon Prime ($99) if bought before December 31st, it’s a great deal if this is a device you wanted to get. Read More

Apple’s iPhone And iPad Trade-In Program Launches In Australia


Yesterday, Apple launched its iPhone and iPad trade-in program in Australia. All 21 Apple Stores in Australia will allow customers to trade-in their iPhones and iPads for credit on new models. Customers will get up to $250 credit for an iPhone, and up to $215 credit for an iPad that can only be used to upgrade to a new iPhone or iPad. The exact amount will be determined by the Apple Geniuses who will be assessing the devices as they come in. Read More