UYH Gold for iOS – Time To Put Away Your Keyboards?

uyhFor those users who don’t get along with their keyboards or have a difficult relationship with Siri, here is a tool which lets you write with a flourish of a finger. Use Your Handwriting does exactly what it says: you can write messages and notes in your own handwriting, as bad as it may be. Just tap to add a new note across ten categories – ranging from work to holiday – and write as much as you like and as quickly as you can. You can e-mail these notes and even tweet or “share” them on Facebook. Read More

Here Are Steve Jobs’ Notes for Keynotes. Even They Are Beautiful

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist, everyone knows that. He paid a lot of attention to detail. Even the smallest things mattered to him. On Reddit, someone has managed to capture the notes that Steve Jobs referred to during the 2007 first iPhone launch event. Even these are aesthetically pleasing. Look at them (picture above), so crisp and clear with icons loaded. Read More