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PowerDock 5 — Charge And Store Multiple Devices

PowerDock 5In this day and age most members of a household have a smartphone or a tablet. Sometimes, just one person has about three to four devices. And all this usually leads to frustration over available power sources for charging. But with Griffin’s PowerDock 5, which allows you to store and charge up to five devices simultaneously, such situations are easily resolved. Read More

Nook Kids App for iPad Released by Barnes and Nobles

nook kids

Barnes and Nobles today released the Nooks Kids application for the iPad for free. The App plans to extend the well-established and popular children’s digital reading experience to the iPad. Nook Kids is available for download via the App Store and includes a massive collection of books specially for children.

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Nook for iPhone Out Now

Barnes & Noble has finally launched Nook for iPhone. The App lets you access and read over 1 million books directly from your iPhone. The App is well designed and includes support for multitasking and the retina display. The text just feels crisp on the iPhone 4 and with this new App, iPhone users could get access to a million books.

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