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Fresco For iOS — Now Read News Which Interests You

FrescoFresco for iOS is the latest News App which delivers bite-sized news as events occur around the globe. Fresco claims to bring images directly from the people at the scene of the event. The news is presented in snippets with clean images, making it stand out from other major News Apps. Read More

Facebook Announces Mobile News Reader – Paper, Comes Out on iOS 3rd February


News Apps have recently started to gain a lot of traction, some of the popular ones being Flipboard, Pulse, and many more. And now Facebook too has joined the crowd, as Facebook Creative Labs have just revealed their first application, Paper. Read More

5 Amazing Magazine-Like Experience for News Right on your iPad [APPS]

The iPad has revolutionized not one but several markets. One of the markets that the tablet from Apple has completely transformed is the magazine industry which includes publishing of articles in a magazine like format. Many magazine publishers have already released iPad versions of their offering, but for those who like something more updated and recent, the below five amazing iPad Apps will present your daily news to you in a magazine like manner. Read More

Google Introduces “News Near You”

In a quest to make news more relevant, Google has announced a new service dubbed “News Near Me”. If you now navigate to Google News from your mobile device, it will ask you for your location. After you approve, Google will determine your location and display news that is relevant to that area. Read More

iPad 2 Event on March 2nd

apple event

According to a report from Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD, the next generation iPad will be announced on March 2nd, at a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

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iBooks Won’t Work on Jailbroken Devices


Looks like Apple is still fighting the cat and mouse game and its recent move will sure disappoint users of jailbroken iOS devices. A recent story points out that Apple has implemented a system that restricts users of jailbroken devices to access the iBooks App.

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News Corp Sends Invites for the Launch of “The Daily”

the daily app

News Corp is sending out invitations for the launch of “The Daily” App for iPad. The event is going to be held at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum and News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch would be making some announcements with Apple’s Vice President of Internet Services Eddy Cue.

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iPad 2 Will Have SD Card Slot

ipad 2 and iphone 5

A new rumor about the iPad 2 is surfacing that suggests that the next generation of the iPad will have an in-built SD Card slot. Apple already sells a camera connection kit for the iPad that allows you to plug in an SD card and import pictures to your iPad.

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Leaked Pictures of “The Daily” App

the daily

The designers of apparently left some code that pointed out to an image of an ad that was supposed to appear on the website after a while.

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Google Street View in the News

street view

Google Street View has delighted Googlephiles and armchair explorers alike, yet flirted with controversy and provoked outrage at what critics see as an invasion of privacy. Whilst personally I love the unique detail offered, and use it regularly with success to find football stadiums across my country to write match reports the sheer volume of visual data gathered has made for whole new stream of news.

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