New MacBook Pro Could Be Launched

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is constraining the supply of all current MacBook models, in anticipation of a refresh of the line of the product. They also claim that the part numbers for new MacBook Pros have shown up in Apple’s inventory. The model numbers are K90IA for the new 13 inch model, K91A for the 15 inch and K92A for the 17 inch model. Read More

WordPress Updates iOS App, Adds Much-Needed Features

WordpressToday, WordPress released an awesome new update for the WordPress iOS App. This App has been on the App Store for a while, but it wasn’t polished enough, but rest assured as this update fixes that. The update basicaly makes it much easier to create and edit posts, such as many upgrades to the text editor and direct formatting buttons for links, adding quotes, and more. Read More

Google’s All New Sign-In Page

google new sign inAs Google wants to offer users a unified design based experience on all its network sites, it has even redesigned its sign-in page that allows user to get access to Google services by logging in with their Google IDs. The new sign in page is in preview-mode, and can be tried by hitting the “Preview” button. Read More

Google Maps Adds Weather Layer

Google has added a new layer to Google Maps that brings weather details into the picture related to your location. Now, with Google Maps, you’ll be able to get the exact weather conditions based on your location. The new weather layer will not only show weather details and conditions in your vicinity, but will also provide the conditions across the globe at any instant of time. Read More

Google Calendar Gets New Look Too

google calendarGmail just got a new look, and now even Google Calendar sports the same neatly designed look. Google wants to create a unified user experience, and with these redesigns, they are definitely making their brand more recognizable. Google hasn’t added any new features to Google Calendar, but has redesigned it to make it sport the same look as Google+. Read More

Gmail Testing Redesign, Here’s How to Apply Them

gmail new lookAfter completely redesigning its search engine, and launching an all new social network, Google+, Google is also testing a new redesign for Gmail, its incredibly popular email client. The all new design now appears similar to the redesigned, and features a neat and attractive look. There is now much more white space between consecutive emails, and the order in which icons are arranged looks much more intimate. Read More

Google Testing Yet Another Design Change, Kills “I’m Feeling Lucky”

googledesignJust recently, Google changed the look and feel of its search engine results page, and it appears that Google is testing yet another “major” design change. In the new changes, the “I’m feeling lucky” button which takes you to the very first result of the search engine results page has been removed, and the plain old “Google Search” button has been replaced with a stylish new blue search button with a search icon. Read More