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Return To The Old Times With Vintape For iOS

vintapeEver wondered what it was like in the 80′s? When people used those cassette players to listen to music. Everyone had those Walkman players strapped to their belts with the cassette revolving inside. Well, you are in luck. Vintape, developed by BegSrl, allows you to experience what it was like to use cassettes and how people played songs on them. Read More

Melody Pro – A Powerful Music Notation App (Review)

melodyproMelody Pro allows you to create unique and original music and also construct music sheets. Developed by Nextep Applications, Melody Pro features useful and dynamic tools which make it definitely a useful App for hardcore musicians. Melody Pro features ways to create a music sheet. One method is to drag and drop notes onto a blank sheet music paper. Melody Pro contains a choice of treble and bass clefs and variety of notes from whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eight notes and sixteenth notes to include from. The other method is to play a virtual piano keyboard that spontaneously notates the music along with its value on screen. Read More

Apple’s New Ad: Music Every Day

Apple has a new TV Ad dubbed “Music Every Day”. The message of the ad – “Every day, more people listen to music on their iPhone, than any other phone”. Subtle. Read More

Bollywood Music App Saavn Updated, Adds Saavn Pro

saavn2Popular bollywood music App Saavn has now been updated to version 2.0 for iPhone and iPad. The new version sports a much cleaner UI and performs way better than previous versions. Managing playlists is now way simpler and with the cleaner user interface, accessing your favorite music is now much more intuitive. Read More

Apple Met With Beats CEO To Discuss Music Subscription Service

Beats Apple StoreApple reportedly met Beats CEO, Jimmy Iovine to discuss about a music subscription service. Google by way of YouTube also announced that they are looking into music subscriptions that will allow users to watch more music videos, but would instead cut down on the number of ads displayed to subscribed users. Read More

Amazon Launches Web Based Music Store for iPhone Users

Amazon MP3 StoreApple, you need to be careful of Amazon. Amazon has today launched a new web based music store specifically for iPhone users. iOS users can now go to to purchase music from the website directly for their iPhone, and everything is synced with your Amazon ID. Each song can be previewed for 30 seconds. Read More

Saavn Goes Universal, Now Available for iPad

Saavn, the leading bollywood (Indian) music and radio App is now also available for iPad. Although the interface just looks like a stretched version of the iPhone App, it is a huge upgrade when browsing Saavn on the web for iPad users. If you don’t know about Saavn yet, it has been dubbed as the “Spotify of India”. Read More

Google Music is Now Live

google musicAt Google I/O today, Google announced its much anticipated music services that compete with iTunes and Amazon Cloud Player. The Google Music service is currently in “beta”, and is available to users in the US only. It appears that Google has still not been able to convince the music labels, thus the service is limited at the moment. Read More

Google Fails to Strike Deals With Record Companies, May Partner With Spotify

google musicAccording to reports, Google hasn’t been able to sign deals with major record companies for its next cloud based music platform. Apple is way ahead in this arena, and apparently Google lacks somebody as dynamic as Steve Jobs to convince the music industry. To overcome this hurdle, it is reported that Google may partner with European based Spotify to power Google Music.
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Google’s Own Cloud Based Music App Leaked

google musicIt seems that Google does have an answer to Amazon’s cloud based player for Android and the web. The folks at Tech From 10 somehow managed to get their hands on the developer version of the Android Market which enabled them to download Google Music 3.0 for Android. The site also provides a download link to the application along with some extra screenshots, but looks like the website is down at the moment. Read More