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Mobile Gmail Now Supports Multiple Account Sign-ins

Google has upgraded and customized Gmail for mobile devices adding many of the anticipated and awaited features that include the option to sign in with multiple accounts at the same time.
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Google Sync for iOS Updated, Adds Three New Features

google syncGoogle Sync keeps your mail, contacts, and calendar data in sync with your Gmail account. By activating Google Sync on your iOS device, you are able to keep your iOS device in sync with your Gmail account and vice-versa. Today, Google has rolled out three new updates for Google Sync for iOS that will allow you to search all your Gmail mails from your iOS device, accept or decline calendar events from the native iOS calendar App, and send email from different Gmail accounts. Read More

Google Maps Mobile Browser Experience Improved

browserplaceGoogle wants to offer users a consistent Google Maps experience, and with this recent update for Google Maps on mobile browsers, it is doing just that. When Google Maps is now accessed from a mobile browser, the experience is similar to the desktop version with many features accessible. Read More

Ice Cream Sandwich Will Bring New UI and App Framework. “Most Ambitious” Release Yet.

icsGoogle has announced the next major breakthrough in Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. Google believes it to be the “most ambitious” release till date. Ice Cream Sandwich will run on all devices including tablets, phones, convertible slates, and more. Read More

AT&T Buys T-Mobile for $39 Billion

t-mobile iphoneAT&T have just announced that they have acquired T-Mobile for a whooping $39 billion. The carrier will spend over $39 billion to acquire T-Mobile, the only other carrier apart from AT&T that operates on the GSM band.
The acquisition means that AT&T will now become the only carrier in the United States to operate on the GSM Band. All T-Mobile customers will now be served by AT&T. Read More

New Open Now Feature Comes to Google Mobile Search

google mobile open now

Google has introduced a new feature for Google Mobile search that allows you to search for places that are open now at your local location. So before visiting a place, you can now check using your phone if the shop or mall is open or closed.

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Google Translate Comes to the iPhone

translate iphone

Google is slowly porting most of its mobile services to the iPhone. Today, Google announced that Google Translate is now available in the App Store for the iPhone.

iPhone users can now use the completely free App to translate words from one language to another. They can also speak in a particular language and translate it to another language by using the microphone button in the App. Listening to your own translations is also possible in 23 different languages.

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Google Brings Instant Previews to iOS

instant ios

Google Instant Previews, a feature that allows you to view screenshots of pages in the search engine results page itself is now available for iOS devices. If you have Instant Previews turned on, you could simply hover your mouse over a link and a screenshot of the desired page would appear on the right side.

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Google Cloud Print Goes Mobile


Today, Google announced that they would be adding support for mobile devices in their service, Google “Cloud Print”. “Cloud Print” is a service that allows printing from any app on any device, OS or browser without the need to install drivers.

The thing that has always been a barrier for most developers who wished to allow mobile users to connect their printers to the Internet and print stuff was the use of drivers. It appears that Google has figured it out and with Cloud Print for mobile you won’t need to install any drivers. The service is amazingly helpful for Chrome OS devices.

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iFixit Launches iPad App


The folks at iFixit, the amazing and popular online repair manual have released a iPad App that aims to start a new mobile repair revolution. The App gives you quick access to iFixit’s large library of repair manuals directly from your iPad.

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