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Bamba Apps Downloaded Over A Million Times, iPad Mini Giveaway Being Hosted

bambaappsToday, Mezmedia announced that the four Bamba Apps – Bamba Ice-Cream, Bamba Pizza, Bamba Post Office and Bamba Burger for iOS which cater to the kids market have been downloaded over a million times. All Apps try to deliver a fun experience while at the same time provide educational value. Read More

Apple Sold 3 Million iPads and iPad minis During Launch Weekend

Apple has announced that they have sold around 3 million new fourth generation iPads and iPad minis during the initial launch weekend. Apple has not revealed how each device has performed, but just revealed that both, iPad and iPad mini combined sold around 3 million units. This breaks Apple’s own previous record. Read More

Google Paying $1 Million To People Who Can Hack Google Chrome

Google chromeTo prove how secure Chrome is, Google is giving away a million dollars to people who can hack Google Chrome at the upcoming PWN2OWN hacking contest which takes place at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver next week. Read More

Temple Run for iOS Hits 36 Million Downloads. Wow!

Temple Run, the highly addictive free game that has been on the top charts lately has just hit 36 million downloads via the App Store. More than 36 million people have been playing this game and are loving it and referring it to family and friends. In the game, you simply swipe and use your device’s accelerometer to navigate, collect coins and stay away from monkeys. Read More

“My Virtual” Series Apps Downloaded Over A Million Times

Mt Virtual Boyfriend App LogoMy Virtual Girlfriend App LogoA mid western based company, WET Productions produced a press release (below) about their success in the Application industry. Their Apps are known as “Virtual Girlfriend Lite” and “Virtual Boyfriend Lite”. To give you a bit of an insight of these Apps are basically designed to simulate the physical feature of having a partner, but virtually. This has caught on with many people around the world as they have just exceeded their 1 millionth download recently. Read More

30 Million App Copies Sold Worldwide. Neon Play Speak. [DEVDIALOGUE]

paper gliderNeon Play have been delivering success after success. The startup delivers games for iOS that have been cherished by users globally. Paper Glider, a title by the company was recently the 10th billion App downloaded ever and it got further glory to the development team. After a few years and more games in the App Store, the company recently hit 30 million App downloads globally. In this interview with Oli Christie of Neon Play we try to convince the team to spill out their secret formula as well as give some tips to budding developers. Read More

Cut the Rope Reaches 1 Million Downloads

cut the rope

Cut the Rope is another successful title from Chillingo (developers of Angry Birds) and it has been selected as the top-paid as well as the top-free App on the App Store.

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1.7 Million iPhone 4 Sold in Three Days

iPhone 4

On June 24, Apple’s next generation iPhone hit the stores and was a huge success. People stormed into Apple Stores all over US, France, UK, Germany and Japan. People were dying to get their hands on the device and stood in line for hours to get the feel of the phone. 600,000 people pre-ordered the device from Apple’s website and were eager to get it.

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Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 days

We already knew this was coming. The difficult-to-get, magical tablet from Apple has charmed users worldwide. Everybody is dying to get their hands on iPad. The large international demand along with the huge press coverage has made the iPad a must-have.

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Apple Could Sell 3M iPads in Three Months

Apple is chasing the unthinkable by selling million iPads in months. During the first month after the launch of the most magical and revolutionary product, Apple announced that it had sold about a million iPads in its first month and two million in the next month.

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