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Nokia And Microsoft Abandon Android-Powered Nokia X

Nokia X

While Windows Phone isn’t particularly popular, if there is one thing Nokia did well it was their Lumia line. But majority of us wanted a device that looked like the Lumia but ran Android, and so Nokia and Microsoft gave us Nokia X. Read More

Microsoft Pays Apple 30% For Office 365 Sold On iPad


In a report by re/code, it has been confirmed that Microsoft pays Apple 30% of the revenue it generates from subscriptions on its newly released Microsoft Office Apps on the iPad. Read More

Steve Ballmer’s Last Speech On Video

Steve Ballmer recently gave his last speech, and it sure was a very touching moment for everybody. It felt more like a rock concert with Microsoft employees cheering for their CEO. Read More

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.2 To Fix Microsoft Exchange Calendar Bug That Was Draining Battery, No Fix for Lockscreen Bypass

iosupdateApple has released iOS 6.1.2 that fixes the critical Microsoft Exchange Calendar bug that was eating away valuable battery and data. Due to increased network cycles related to the Calendar, the bug was using precious battery life. This update should improve battery life and reduce some data usage, but this does not address the iOS lockscreen bypass issue whereby users can simply follow a procedure to bypass the lockscreen on iOS devices to get access to certain elements on a phone. Read More

Microsoft Office Coming to iOS in Early 2013

Microsoft Office iOSThe Verge today reported that Microsoft will be bringing Microsoft Office to iOS in early 2013. The office suite of Apps will be made available for iOS devices for free with subscription upgrades available. Word, PowerPoint and Excel will all be released for iOS and Android in early 2013. Read More

This Is Exactly How Microsoft Should Advertise Surface Against the iPad

So the iPad 4th generation and the iPad mini is here, but so is Surface from Microsoft. Although the hardware coming from the folks at Redmond is still not completely baked yet and even there aren’t as many Apps as available on the App Store, here is a fake advertisement from which Microsoft should definitely draw some inspiration. Read More

Cut The Rope Comes To The Web

cut the ropeZepto Labs along with Microsoft have teamed up to bring Cut the Rope, their insanely famous game to the web so users will be able to feed Om Nom directly via their browsers. The announcement was made at CES and from now on every browser with HTML 5 capabilities will be able to sport Cut the Rope. Although the experience of playing Cut the Rope won’t be fun enough iOS’ multi-touch capabilities, the game should help you kill some time. Read More

Steve Jobs – Microsoft and Google Can’t Even Copy Properly

On 60 Minutes, Walter Issacson, the author of the official Steve Jobs biography appeared and he shared some audio clips that he captured during the 40 interviews that he conducted with Steve Jobs for the book. In the audio clips, Steve Jobs says that Microsoft does not have humanities and liberal arts in their DNA. They are a pure technology company, and they just didn’t get it. Even when Microsoft saw the Mac, they couldn’t copy it. Read More

2/3rds of All Google Searches on Mobile Happen on iOS Devices

google iphoneA high level employee in Google’s legal department, and a former FTC official, Suzanne Michel, testified in court today at the Senate Judiciary hearings that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all wanted to be the default search engine for the Safari internet browser on all iOS devices. Read More

Bill Gates Won’t Buy His Kids iPods

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Bill Gates admitted that he won’t buy his kids iPods because he believes that they have a better Windows equivalent – Zune. Zune is a portable media player from Windows similar to iPod, but is developed by Microsoft. Bill Gates also revealed some other interesting facts like he doesn’t care for legacy, and that he likes hard-cover books more, but this fact was the most stunning. Read More