Four Colors of MagSafe Cable for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Listed at $49

Tech giant Apple announced at the WWDC 2022 that the color-matching USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging cables for the new MacBook Air shall be available for purchase separately. The Cupertino company’s online store lists these cables as “coming soon”. In the United States, the cable pricing shows up as $49 each.

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MagSafe Battery Pack Updated for Faster iPhone Charging

Tech giant Apple has introduced a new firmware update to the MagSafe Battery Pack. This firmware update is going to allow the MagSafe Battery Pack to recharge the iPhone devices a little faster. As of right now, when the the MagSafe Battery Pack is plugged into a 20W charger, it can transfer up to a 15W charge to an iPhone device. However, with this new update, the MagSafe Battery Pack will be able to charge up to 7.5W while being off the power grid. Prior to this firmware update, it was only able to charge at up to 5W while being portable.

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Some 16inch MacBook Pro Users Encounter Issues While Charging

Certain users of the 16-inch version of MacBook Pro have been facing issues related to charging. According to them, the issue seems to stem from charging the device using the MagSafe 3 connector. When the MacBook Pro is charged while having the device lid closed, it appears that the device gets charged a significantly less amount. While this issue is not prevalent in all devices of this model, it is widespread enough to warrant concern.

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Wireless Charging Technology by Apple Reportedly in Development

It has been reported that Apple is currently working on a charger that will enable users to simultaneously charge multiple devices such as AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone. This device is expected to be the successor of AirPower by Apple. AirPower was never released despite having been unveiled in September of 2019. Instead, failing to meet the high standards expected by Apple devices, it was discontinued. The AirPower was supposed to be a Qi charger resembling a mat. Theoretically, it was expected to be able to charge at least three Apple devices. Last year, the Cupertino company introduced a new iteration of the wireless charger with MagSafe, released with their iPhone 12 devices.

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