New MacBook Pro Could Be Launched

macbook via gizmodoAccording to 9to5Mac, Apple is constraining the supply of all current MacBook models, in anticipation of a refresh of the line of the product. They also claim that the part numbers for new MacBook Pros have shown up in Apple’s inventory. The model numbers are K90IA for the new 13 inch model, K91A for the 15 inch and K92A for the 17 inch model. Read More

Ultrabook Manufacturers Limiting Initial Shipments Due To MacBook Air Popularity

Top to bottom: MacBook Air, ASUS UX21, Toshiba Portege Z830, Acer Aspire S3, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s (Source:¬†This is my next…)


The redesign of the MacBook Air has apparently been very pleasing to consumers. Apple is reportedly shipping 500,000 units per month. It’s easy to understand why this model is popular. It’s popularity has drawn attention of both Intel and PC¬†manufacturers, to begin making their own Ultrabooks to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air. But reports seem to indicate that these manufacturers, who are mainly Asus, Toshiba, Acer and Lenovo, are just testing their models, only shipping a reported combined number of 50,000 Ultrabooks in their initial shipment. Read More

Apple Once Considered 3G MacBook Pros

macbook 3gRecent news suggests that Apple once suggested a new form of MacBook Pros which sported 3G capabilities. It’s unclear still whether these are just rumors or if they are a reality. With coverage on 3G and now 4G networks becoming more widespread, we can expect more and more devices to be capable of using this service. Eventually it may eliminate the need for other internet services all together. But with more and more laptops coming out with built in 3G capabilities, we can expect Apple to eventually come out with a MacBook with built in 3G. Read More

Apple Will Manufacture 8 Million New MacBook Airs

MacBook AirDigiTimes is reporting that according to sources, Apple is planning to manufacture over 8 million MacBook Airs for the third quarter. Quoting several supply chain sources, Digitimes claims that the new laptops will be equipped with Sandy Bridge processors and will be shipped in the month of July. As MacRumors points out that Apple sold 3.69 Macs in the second quarter, so with these new 8 million devices, Apple sure does have high hopes. Read More

A5 Powered MacBook Air?

a5Apple is probably testing an all new A5 powered MacBook Air. Apple has already revealed its plans of fusing iOS and Mac OS X, and this could be yet another mixture that could make both platforms incredibly powerful. A5 is Apple’s in-house processing chip that powers iPad 2, but according to recent reports, it appears that Apple is planning to use the chip to power even its thinnest laptop ever. Read More

Apple Store is Down, New MacBook Pros Coming

apple store down

Alright folks, in a short while Apple is going to release a brand new lineup of MacBooks Pros. The online Apple Store is down now as Apple is busy updating it. As noted earlier, Apple will announce five new models of the MacBook Pro including a 17 inch model. The new laptops would be faster, lighter, and hopefully cheaper. We’ll find out shortly.