MacBook Air Overhaul, MacBook Pro M2 Upcoming

During its annual World Wide Developers Conference, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple unveiled its overhauled MacBook Air powered by the newly announced M2 chip. The device now brings an entirely new design, Magsafe charging, and remarkable battery life. In the meantime, Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro also underwent the M2 chip treatment.

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Apple M2 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Support Only One External Monitor

At the WWDC 2022 keynote, tech giant Apple introduced new hardware at its biggest software show. The Cupertino firm announced its second-generation Mac silicon, the M2, along with two new PCs that it’s baked into: the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the M2 still has a major limitation that the M1 had. It only supports one external monitor. According to Apple’s spec pages for the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, they can support one external display with up to 6K resolution at 60Hz.

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Four Colors of MagSafe Cable for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Listed at $49

Tech giant Apple announced at the WWDC 2022 that the color-matching USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging cables for the new MacBook Air shall be available for purchase separately. The Cupertino company’s online store lists these cables as “coming soon”. In the United States, the cable pricing shows up as $49 each.

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New Leak Details Varieties of Apple M2 Chip

Apple M2 chip

Recently, Apple analyst Mark Gurman has shared some details for the first set of devices that we can expect will be utilizing the tech giant’s next-generation M2 chip. Currently, these are being tested with third-party apps. These include a new MacBook Air, several MacBook Pros, a new Mac Mini, and a Mac Pro.

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Apple’s iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, MacBook Pro M2 Expected To Be Launched In March

Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone SE3 device at its upcoming 2022 Spring event, which will be held next month. Although the official date of the event has not yet been confirmed by the company, a Bloomberg report suggests March 8 as the possible date. Quiet a few new devices are expected to be launched at the Spring event, the iPhone SE 3 being one of them, as well as the iPad Air 5, MacBook Pro M2, etc.

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Apple Keyboard Patented Can Turn iPad into MacBook

Apple Keyboard patent approved. Pictured iPad and iPhone.

Tech giant Apple received a new patent recently. As per the details of this patent, it shows a hinged keyboard mechanism which can provide the keyboard environment. Essentially, this support will be able to allow an iPad to effectively function as a MacBook Pro device.

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Issues with the 2021 MacBook Pro’s SD Card Reader Reported

The SD card port has finally returned to the MacBook Pro (2021) after five long years. Apple added the the SD card port along with the MagSafe power connector and HDMI 2.0 port to the 2021 MacBook Pro. The inclusion of the SD card reader comes as a blessing for professional videographers and photographers as it eliminates the need of an adapter to transfer photos and videos and allows them to transfer files swiftly when in a hurry or on the move. However, some users seem to be facing problems with the SD card reader on their MacBook Pro (2021).

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Some 16inch MacBook Pro Users Encounter Issues While Charging

Certain users of the 16-inch version of MacBook Pro have been facing issues related to charging. According to them, the issue seems to stem from charging the device using the MagSafe 3 connector. When the MacBook Pro is charged while having the device lid closed, it appears that the device gets charged a significantly less amount. While this issue is not prevalent in all devices of this model, it is widespread enough to warrant concern.

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New MacBook Design Revealed in Apple Leaks

Apple is expected to release a new laptop after their recent release of their MacBook Pro. While it features an expected design update, the latest M2 processor, and all the technology that the MacBook Pro offers, it has been reported that it will not be following the expected naming conventions. Reports from the likes of Apple aficionado DylanDKT and others indicate that the new name under which these laptops will be produced is “MacBook”. It is speculated that change in the name of the line of products from “MacBook Air” to simply “MacBook” is because Apple intends this product to be viewed as fresh and new, instead of a refreshed version of the previous series. Although, the rebranding might be unnecessary as the 2021 MacBook Pro laptops being referred to here are already very distinct from the older MacBook Pro laptops in terms of features, design, as well as price.

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