Snapchat Rolls Out New Location Feature, Aimed At Improving Privacy

Snapchat has been facing criticism over privacy as many users have slammed it for lacking better privacy controls for location sharing. Snapchat has taken it seriously and included a new update on the App which allows you to request your friend’s location and also send your real-time always updating location to them. All of this shows up in the Snap Map and in message threads. Read More

iOS 4.3.3 Released, Fixes Location Bugs

connect to itunesiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, head over to iTunes now. Apple has released iOS 4.3.3 that fixes the location based bugs that were to blame for storing a year’s worth of location data in unencrypted logs on the device itself.

Apple said in a press release earlier that it would release an update for iOS that would reduce the size of the crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower database cached on the iPhone, cease backing up this cache, and delete this cache entirely when Location Services is turned off. The iOS 4.3.3 update does exactly that. Read More

Apple Will Release a Software Update for iPhone to Fix Location Issue

location servicesApple has officially answered some of the frequently asked questions about location tracking done by the iPhone. The company mentions that the iPhone does not track user location, and has no plans of doing so. Apple has also announced that it will soon be releasing a software update for the iPhone that will fix the location tracking issue. At times, even when “location services” is turned off in settings, iPhone continues to update its Wi-Fi and cell tower data from Apple’s crowd-sourced database. This is a bug, and Apple is working to fix it. Read More

Apple Answers Questions on Location Tracking

apple questionsApple has responded to the questions asked by many of us about the location tracking done by the iPhone. According to Apple, the company has never tracked any user location and does not have any plan to do so. Apple has always valued user privacy, and it always asks the user before collecting user data including location. Apple does mention that it stores location of nearby WiFi hot-spots and stores them in a crowd-sourced database. This crowd-sourced database details are used by iAds to deliver location based contextual results. Read More

Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin on Privacy

Both Apple and Google are collecting your location is some way or the other. AllThingsD have posted a video compilation of Steve Jobs and Andy Rubin discussing privacy related to their mobile platforms. In the video, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Android godfather Andy Rubin make privacy related statements that seem to somehow relate to the present location tracking issue. Read More

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Steve Jobs – We Don’t Track Anyone

20110425-092133.jpgSteve Jobs has finally broken the silence on the whole iPhone location tracking issue. Even though the visionary Apple CEO is on medical leave, he managed to take the time to respond to an email sent to him by a MacRumors reader. According to Steve, Apple does not track the location of an iPhone users, and he firmly believes that Android does. Read More

Apple Has Been Tracking Your Location

locationIf you use an iPhone that runs on iOS 4, it is likely that Apple has been tracking your location. According to Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden of O’Reilly, Apple has implemented a new feature in iOS 4 that secretly obtains your location and stores it. It is not clear if Apple has done it on purpose or if it is a bug, but the duo have contacted the Apple security team and are waiting for a response. Read More