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Launch Date For iPhone 6 — 19th September

iphone 6

It looks like we now have a rumored launch date for iPhone 6 as opposed to just the month. According to China’s Tencent Digital News, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to get launched on September 19, Friday. The speculation for the launch date can also be linked to last month’s news of German carrier Deutsche Telekom informing customers of the same release date for the device. Read More

Samsung Galaxy SIII Coming in April [RUMOR]

galaxy s3The Galaxy SII was a really popular phone and actually won the phone of the year award at Mobile World Congress 2012. Unlike the SII’s announcement, which took place at MWC last year, the Galaxy SIII will NOT be announced at this year’s MWC event, instead, it will be announced and shown sometime later this month, according to ZDNET Korea. They also claim that the phone will be launched in April, and if previous rumors are true, the SIII should be launched by 50 carriers worldwide simultaneously. Read More

iPad 2 Launch Delayed in Japan

ipad boxAfter the recent disaster in Japan, Apple has decided to delay the launch of the iPad 2. Japan was among the 26 other major countries in which Apple planned to sell the magical iPad 2 starting March 25th, but reports suggest that the company has delayed the launch in Japan. Read More

iPad 2 Lines Are Forming, Videos and Pics

All across America, people are dying to get their hands on iPad 2. Just like every other product launch from Apple, people have been standing outside the Apple Store across America for hours to get an iPad 2. Some guys are so crazy that they have paid $900 to be the first in line.

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