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Google Adds Preview Pane to Gmail

20110806-124430.jpgGoogle has added a really cool feature in Google Labs dubbed “Preview Pane” in Gmail that allows you to preview mails on the right side. Just as the way mail on iPad works, Gmail Labs Preview Pane brings mail previews to the desktop version of Gmail.
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Google’s Bob Matures, Comes Out of Labs

labsGoogle is making the two extremely handy Google Labs features, “Don’t forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob” available to every Gmail user starting from today. “Don’t forget Bob” suggests contacts that you email frequently, and asks you every time you are entering information in the To field if you want to include that person or not. On the other hand, Got the wrong Bob identifies duplicate contacts and prevent you from sending emails to the wrong contact. Read More

Categorize Email Automatically With Smart Labels in Gmail Labs

gmail smart labels

A new labs feature called Smart Labels has been released today that automatically categorizes your incoming email into groups like “bulk”, “forums”, etc. All mails that are newsletter or informational type are categorized under “Bulk”, while mails containing important information like card statements, tickets etc are automatically categorized under “Notifications”.

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Jump to the Next Conversation Quickly in Gmail with New Labs Feature

google auto advance feature

Google Labs helps Google test drive services before officially making them live and also gather user feedback on the idea. Today, Google has added a new feature in Gmail Labs that allows you to quickly jump to the next conversation in Gmail after deleting or archiving a particular mail.

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