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Minuum Keyboard Demonstrated on Android Wear — Join the Beta

minuumCurrently, Android Wear watches only support Google voice typing, which can be either inaccurate or difficult to do, especially outdoors. Enter Minuum Keyboard.

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iOS Now Has A Brand New Keyboard With Predictive Texting


iOS now sports the smartest keyword ever. It now has something called “QuickType” which will feature predictive texting. The iOS keyboard will now display words which it thinks would possibly be the next word that you want to type. The keyboard now also follows you conversation so it instantly displays the right words for you so you can simply tap on it and get it delivered across. Read More

How to – Get Gingerbread Keyboard on Eclair or Froyo

gingerbread keyboard

Love the bigger and better keyboard in Gingerbread? Can’t wait till Gingerbread becomes available for your Android phone? Here’s a solution from XDA-Developers. A user has uploaded an APK of the new Gingerbread keyboard which can be used on Froyo as well as Eclair without requiring a rooted Android device.

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20 iPad Tips – Space Bar Magic

20 ipad tips

The iPad keyboard is almost like a real full size keyboard and as Steve Jobs describes, it is a dream to type on the iPad. We continue to provide you some tips and tricks that would help you be more productive with your iPad and get tasks done efficiently.

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