Google Drive Introduces Support for Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Tech giant Google has decided to introduce support for common keyboard shortcuts on Google Drive on the web. These include functions like copy, paste, and cut. Until now, users were required to manually do these things by right-clicking a file to view the context menu and then selecting the appropriate action from there.

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Apple Patents Magic Keyboard with an Integrated Mac Inside

Source: Pixabay

Apple has filed a patent for a new “Magic keyboard” with an entire computer within it. In order to avoid having to carry a mouse, the keyboard may also come with a trackpad within it. Apple filed the patent at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) way back in August 2020, reports Patently Apple. This new device concept will likely rival desktop and laptop. 

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Apple Keyboard Patented Can Turn iPad into MacBook

Apple Keyboard patent approved. Pictured iPad and iPhone.

Tech giant Apple received a new patent recently. As per the details of this patent, it shows a hinged keyboard mechanism which can provide the keyboard environment. Essentially, this support will be able to allow an iPad to effectively function as a MacBook Pro device.

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Looks Like Apple Might Be Stopping Space Gray Accessories

As per the latest reports, Apple is all set to stop its Space Gray-colored accessories. The Verge reported that Apple has said that after the sale of all the present Space Gray accessories like magic mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, it will be stopping the sale of these products. But, these accessories can still be bought in silver color. Only the Space Gray color variant will be discontinued. This news had first come from MacRumors. They were the ones who first noticed the ‘while supplies last’ message beside the Space Gray mouse, keyboard, or trackpad on the Apple Store website.

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Apple Laptops To Get New Type Of Keyboard

As per new reports, Apple laptops will be seeing a major change. A new patent has been registered by Apple in which keyboards are removed from laptops. This was granted on 30 March and describes a “configurable force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices”, which replaces the keyboard’s keys with small displays. Using this, the user can change the keyboard as per his choices and the user need not follow the classic QWERTY configuration.

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Apple Patents Colored Backlight Keyboard For Future MacBooks

MacBook hardware has not changed much in the past few years except the replacement of the butterfly keyboard with the magic keyboard on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. A new patent from Apple has emerged which shows to have a colorful backlight keyboard on a MacBook that would not only be used for illumination effect but also for receiving the feedback of the user. Read More

How To Fix Gboard Issue

We have been noticing several people on social media commenting about the problems they are facing with the Google’s keyboard for Android – Gboard. It looks like they are not able to use the keyboard smoothly like before after the recent update. Gboard crashed on many of these user’s devices while it also locked some of them out of their phones while using it. Read MoreReviewsCollect Ad

iOS 13 Will Have Its Own Swipe Keyboard

Android users are very much familiar with the swipe keyboard that is natively available on their smartphones. But if you are an iOS user and still waiting for this feature, there could be some good news heading your way soon. Apple is expected to be unveiling iOS 13 at WWDC event in June and according to a report on Bloomberg, native swipe keyboard App will be finally releasing on this upcoming version of iOS. Read More

Gboard Adds New Dialects, Now Supports Around 500 languages

Google’s keyboard ‘Gboard‘ started out with just 100 languages back in 2016 and in just a span of 2 years, it has reached a figure of 500 languages which is simply incredible. Google revealed these figures in a blog post and said that Gboard now also include some rare dialects like Nigerian Pidgin, Rangpuri, Balinese, and Pontic Greek and also around 40 new writing systems such as Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. Read More