Now Redeem iTunes Gift Cards Right From Your Computer’s Camera

As spotted by 9to5Mac, you will now be able to redeem iTunes gift cards in iTunes 11 right by using your computer’s camera. That’s a good idea. Instead of having to type down the complicated gift code, you can simply point the card to the camera and it will scan and let you redeem it automatically. Some special type of gift card will be required for this. Read More

iTunes 11 Is Here, Download it Now

iTunes 11Apple has finally released iTunes 11. The new iTunes is almost 5x-10x faster than iTunes 10, sports a redesigned and much cleaner interface that resembles iTunes for iOS and is completely integrated with All music, movies, books and more purchased from any of your device will show up on iTunes as the software now works seamlessly with iCloud. Read More

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iOS 6 Is Here, Get it Right Now

Apple has just released iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and you’ve gotta get it right now. Unveiled back in June, iOS 6 includes more than 200 new features with all Apps updated. It includes Apple’s very own Maps App, a better Siri, the all new Passbook App, Shared Photo Streams, VIP Mail, Camera with Panorama mode and many other exciting new features. Read More

Beautiful New Apple Store Coming Soon in Barcelona (PICS)

apple store barcelonaApple will soon be opening up a brand new Apple Store near the center of the city of Barcelona at Plaza Catalunya. The folks at have managed to snap a few incredible pictures of the location. Bearing the pure Apple styled vision of making things visually stunning, this new store is covered with a gorgeous computer printed large sheet which includes broken tiles of the most popular native iPhone Apps. Read More

Polaris Office Is An All-in-One Office Suite for iOS

If you are looking for a complete all-in-one mobile office suite for word documents, PDF files, excel sheets and more, look no further than Polaris Office. Available for $12.99 in the App Store and being a universal App, Polaris Office is a must-have App. The App can help you with all your documents, edit them, sync them and even create new content instantly with all the powerful features of an office suite available at the palm of your hands. Read More

Finally. An Extension For Safari That Prevents App Store From Opening Automatically

nomoreitunesWhenever you visit an App page via Safari, it leads you to iTunes on your computer. Finally, an extension has arrived for Safari that prevents this from happening. With NoMoreiTunes, you can easily prevent App Store and iTunes pages from opening using the desktop App. The extension disables the script that triggers that action. Read More

Slow Message Allows You To Send Mails At A Later Time (IT’S FREE NOW)

Slow Message is an App on the App Store which is currently free for the month. It allows you to simply send mails at a later date and time. Just fire up the App, compose your mail, choose a date and time and Slow Message will automatically have that delivered for you at the desired time. The user interface is very well-designed and is a pleasure to use. Coming from Social Print Studio, Slow Message is not an entire new product, but a feature that should have been a part of the Apple default Mail App. Read More

1 Click Flashlight Turns Your iPhone Flash Into A Torch (REVIEW)

Logo: 1 Click flashlightOne of the major features added when the iPhone 4 was introduced was the LED flash which was designed by Apple to work only in the camera Application that is stock with every iPhone. Developers globally discovered this as a major window for development of a new app that people could use as a torch on their new iPhone. Some of the first applications built for this very function were ‘iTorch 4’ and ‘Torch for iPhone’. Both of which are still quite popular within Apple’s App Store eco system. 1 Click Flash is new on the App Store, and its definitely putting up a somewhat decent fight to compete against the other Apps in this category, and because of this 1 Click Flashlight has already received over 400,000 downloads. Read More