iTunes Version 11.0.4 Released

itunesApple today released an update to iTunes which takes it to version 11.0.4. Here’s what’s new –

This new update fixes a problem that may cause iTunes to quit if you switch between wired and wireless syncing and addresses an issue that may require you to log into the iTunes Store repeatedly.

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iTunes Now Features Download Later Option

Download LaterWhen purchasing content from iTunes 11, a user would now notice a new prompt that that is sure to make the user smile. The change is the Apple download later button in addition to the “download now” button in the download dialog box. This button is available when purchasing large files like movies, TV shows, full season passes and similar large downloads. This feature is available when using iTunes 11 on a Mac, Windows PC and any iOS device running iOS 6 or later. Read More

Apple Plans to Launch Internet Radio Service Dubbed “iRadio”

Apple Radio
Negotiations between Apple and major record labels Universal Music Group and Warner Music are crawling at a slow pace according to a report by Cnet. Apple is doing this in preparation for their rumored music streaming service that speculators dub as iRadio. Sources say that the company is aiming for a summer launch despite the fact that even if the deal with Universal and Warner falls through, they would still need to negotiate with Sony Music. Read More

iTunes Crosses 25 Billion Song Downloads

Steve Jobs Announcing 1 Billion Songs SoldPhillip Lüpke, an iTunes user downloaded the song “Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix) by Chase Buch and guess what he got in return? A $13,500 iTunes Gift Card from Apple. Why? Well, it appears that he was the one who downloaded the 25th billion track from iTunes. Today, Apple announced that iTunes has crossed over 25 billion downloads and it is witnessing 15,000 downloads every minute. Yep, every single minute. Read More

Google Is Copying iTunes

googleitunesAlthough Google has been accused of copying the design and style of Apple products a lot of times (consider Android), today The Loop posted some stunning pictures that clearly indicate the way in which Google is ripping off the iTunes music design and using it in their Google search results. Read More

The First Time Ever: Apple Allows Gift Cards in Variable Denominations

Apple Gift CardsFor the very first time, Apple will allow users to buy gift cards of value anywhere between $15-$500 for this holiday season. Unlike normal times whereby Apple users have to buy gift cards in specific denominations like $15, $25, $50 and $100, Apple will allow variable denomination for anywhere between $5-$500. Read More

Now Redeem iTunes Gift Cards Right From Your Computer’s Camera

iTunes 11 Camera Gift CardAs spotted by 9to5Mac, you will now be able to redeem iTunes gift cards in iTunes 11 right by using your computer’s camera. That’s a good idea. Instead of having to type down the complicated gift code, you can simply point the card to the camera and it will scan and let you redeem it automatically. Some special type of gift card will be required for this. Read More

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iTunes 11 Is Here, Download it Now

iTunes 11Apple has finally released iTunes 11. The new iTunes is almost 5x-10x faster than iTunes 10, sports a redesigned and much cleaner interface that resembles iTunes for iOS and is completely integrated with All music, movies, books and more purchased from any of your device will show up on iTunes as the software now works seamlessly with iCloud. Read More