Predictions Galore – iPod Touch 4G

This is another post on a continuous series by TheAppleGoogle – Predictions Galore. This time we take up the hottest and coolest available PMP , the Apple iPod Touch . iPod Touch 4G must have these features :-

1. Higher Capacity – If Apple could offer a 160GB worth of space on the iPod Touch, it couldn’t get better.

2. Larger Screen – Currenlty the iPod Touch sports a 3.5 inch screen. A 4.3inch would be cool for a PMP.

3. Customizable – Changing icons, Applying themes, Having different sounds for notifications and changing the home screen background must be a feature available on the iPod Touch 4G.

4. Completely Voice enabled – Like the Nexus One, the iPod Touch 4G too must have voice input wherever text input is available.

5. Camera – A 3.2 MP camera could be awesome for a beginning.

6. Better earphones ( in-ear earphones) – Apple already released their in-ear headphones and they are likely to ship it with the new iPod Touch.

7. Scratch Resistant Back

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