iPhone Nano – Smaller iPhone, No Memory, Cloud Based iOS, and more

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The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that mentions a whole new device that should be coming soon from Apple. Imagine what would happen if an iPod nano and an iPhone hooked up? Well, it would result in an iPhone Nano.

This is exactly what the Wall Street Journal believes and the newspaper has talked to a few sources close to Apple that confirm that Apple has been working on such a device for quite some time. The WSJ claims that the new iPhone Nano would be half the price of the current iPhone and would feature as a complete phone, with a design similar to the recent generation of the iPod nano, with a larger screen.

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Spirits and Mr. Bounce on Sale

spirits ipad

Spirits for iPad and iPhone, the mind-boggling game in which you need to direct spirits to a certain place by using special powers is now on sale. Along with Spirits, Mr Bounce also developed by SpacesofPlay is on sale for a limited time. Spirits for iPad is available at $2.99 (regulary $4.99), Spirits for iPhone at $0.99 (regularly $2.99) and Mr. Bounce for $0.99 (regularly $1.99).

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Top 5 iPod Nano Watch Cases


When Steve Jobs was announcing the new iPod nano with multi-touch, he said that one of the board members within Apple was planning to use the device as a wrist watch. While Apple does not supply a case that would turn the iPod nano into a wrist watch, the case manufacturers certainly knew that this was the market they should be targeting.

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What to Expect from Apple’s Upcoming iPod Event

There have been a lot of rumors about this event, but if the truth be told, some of the rumors just feel so fake. In a statement earlier this year, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said that Apple would announce a lot of great products later this year. The time has come and if rumors are to be believed, the next Apple event could happen sometime in late September or maybe this month.

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Make an Audiobook out of MP3 Files


Do you have audiobooks which are in MP3 format and are in parts? Sometimes, you get such MP3 files and want to add them to your iPod but they behave as normal songs and don’t remember where you last left them. To use the MP3 files as an audiobook and to get the most out of the audiobook features of your iPod, here is a simple tool that is free of cost.

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Top 5 iPod Click Wheel Games

These Touches and Pads have tasted utter success and are sending every other gadget in town to the graveyard of technology. They have dominated the market and even the iPods appear to be lost in the dark. Of-course there aren’t 160,000 Apps for iPods but here are some games which would help your iPod get it’s wind back.

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Apple – The Best Company of the World [PICS]

I have seen 16 years of my life. In all these years I have used a multitude of products – good ones and those made by the leading companies of the world. While there are quite a few from which I got real pleasure and value for money, there is one which is not only a cynosure of my eyes but also the one which has been made by the best company of the world. It is the iPod touch made by Apple. I have my experience to share with you to justify my conclusion and which will also drive my point home.

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