Kung Fu Fox for iOS Is Sure To Keep You Hooked

kungfufoxKung Fu Fox in one sentence involoves simple game controls with addicting gameplay. Kung Fu Fox includes 72 levels which are split into day and night modes (36 each). The mechanics of Kung Fu Fox are rather simple, all you have to do is draw your line of fire and shoot your weapon. But you have to work your way over and under walls and other obstacles. The App is deisgned very well, the graphics look great on the Retina Dispay, showing great colour and good detail.

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App Developers Working Hard to Maximize Sales on Christmas, Apple Employees Get Cut-off

Once again this year, many people will be opening new iPhones, iPod touches and iPads on Christmas day. And of course that means that millions of Apps are going to be downloaded. To maximize sales, developers have been working extremely hard to get their Apps developed in time for Apple to approve them and release them into the App Store. The cut-off point, much like past years, is this week. This Thursday is the cut-off date this year. A cut-off point means that all of the employees working for Apple are on vacation for eight days. Read More

New iPod touch TV Ad Launched Right in Time for Black Friday Sale

Apple has launched a new TV Ad for the all new iPod touch which is now also available in white. The Ad is titled “Share the Fun” and focuses on gaming featuring many different games from the App Store and how they are all integrated with Game Center that makes playing with friends incredibly amazing. It also displays the brilliance of iMessage and FaceTime proving how they make sharing awesome. Read More

Apple Using Interactive iPads to Sell Other Products

store2Apple’s much hyped retail meeting took place overnight in different parts of the world, and one of the key changes include the use of the iPad to promote other Apple products including the iPod, Mac, and even the iPad itself. MacStories and MacPricesAustralia have posted a few pictures which can be viewed below. Read More

New iPhone TV Ad Series – If You Don’t Have an iPhone

Apple has just launched a new series of TV commercials that begin with the tagline “If you don’t have an iPhone”. At present, Apple has aired three commercials that mention the iPod App, iBooks App, and the in-built App Store. The commercials say that if you don’t have an iPhone, your phone does not have an iPod, something as good as iBooks to read book or even something close to the App Store with thousands of Apps designed specially for the iPhone.

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“Steve Jobs is Personally Responsible for Killing the Music Business” – Bon Jovi


Some people (including me) thank Steve Jobs and Apple every single day for inventing the iPod and also for saving and redefining the music industry. But there are also people like Bon Jovi who think that “Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.”

In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod that didn’t just the change the way we listen to music, it changed the entire music industry. According to recent interview with The Sunday Times Magazine, Bon Jovi said the below about the leader of Apple and the person who has changed the world in so many ways for the better.

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iOS 4.3 iPod App Now Plays Well With Ping

Apple rolled out iOS 4.3 recently which adds many new features to your beloved iOS device. As MacStories.net discovered, the update also adds the support for Ping in the iPod App. If you use Apple’s social network for music – Ping, you can now use your native iPod App on your iOS device to rate and comment on the song you are listening to.

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Apple Updates Software for iPod Nano 6th Gen, Power Button Gets New Features

ipod nano 6g

Apple has just released a software update for the sixth generation iPod nano. The updates adds a few useful features to the small device with multi-touch. Version 1.1 software update adds the ability to completely turn off the iPod (instead of just putting it to sleep mode), and to control music or radio playback using the Sleep/Wake button.

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